And double winning Yi ruo! Dong Zijian was sealed young Chinese leader Tencent entertainment news shortly after the new GQ was just a year ago, yesterday, Dong Zijian took the heavyweight Awards – 2016 Chinese youth leaders. The last time Huang Bo for him, two people call each other "new" very funny, Dong Zijian as the first 90 winners, and laugh at yourself is a child, the host had eyes, the answer was the scene audience wit. Chinese youth leaders list is organized by the Southern People Weekly "salute to youth leaders" activities, a total of 12 different industry leader list, including star Ma Yili, Dong Zijian, Su Bingtian, Xin Yukun, director of athletes writer Zhang Yueran etc.. Dong Zijian was born in 93 years is only 22 years old, but in the film and television has a space for one person, not only is the first 90 actor, starred in the movie "the enemy" and "mother" are also harvest a large number of awards. As the China youth leader debut event, when the host will ridicule because of age under questioning, Dong Zijian said: "I was a child, I am grateful to get this award, it also shows that you have a good taste." A high emotional intelligence award winning words to win the applause of the audience. It is reported that Dong Zijian starred in the "completely manual", "young boys", "Babylon three" Teresa movie will be released in 2016. Four the size of 90 born Luhan Wu Yifan Yang Yang Dong Zijian in the furnace相关的主题文章: