Deep restructuring of the 1000 day: China accelerate the implementation of the free trade area strategy – Sohu news network China Chinese portal network development of the central leading group comprehensively deepen reforms (the deep restructuring) since its establishment, the overall design of the central level, comprehensive coordination, deepening the overall advancement, "reform" has to supervise the implementation in a memorable 1000 days. According to statistics, the 27 meeting of the deep restructuring, issued a total of 80 comments and guidance, the introduction of the reform program and the relevant provisions of the provisions of the 57. Among them, the opinions on accelerating the implementation of the free trade zone strategy is an important document on reform and opening up. Free trade area (FTA, Free Trade Area) is according to the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, independent tariff zone negotiated a free trade agreement (FTA Free, Trade Agreement), and the further implementation of the agreement between the independent tariff zone agreement. China accelerate the implementation of FTA strategy, at the same time and has a long way to go. First, it is of great significance for China to speed up the implementation of the FTA strategy, which is an important opportunity to seize the historic opportunity of economic globalization. Although WTO and its members have made a lot of efforts to achieve a phased results, for example, covering trade facilitation and other content of the Bali road map. So far, however, the Doha round of multilateral progress is not satisfactory. In 2008, the international financial crisis broke out and spread, the European sovereign debt crisis exacerbated the difficulties of the global economic crisis recovery. On the one hand, the world’s major economies to strengthen cooperation, G20 held a summit of leaders in a timely manner to promote global trade and investment facilitation, etc.. On the other hand, the rapid rise of global protectionism, some economies issued buy local terms, the implementation of a large number of non tariff barriers. It is in this context, the rapid development of the global FTA, especially since twenty-first Century, the way FTA, content, subject and so on are rapidly changing. China FTA implementation strategy, globalization will be able to seize the historical opportunity, not only to create a good environment for trade and investment, and the basis for practice Chinese enhance global governance discourse laid a solid. Two is the pace of China to accelerate the implementation of the FTA strategy, and actively carry out negotiations with the relevant countries and research FTA. Schedule shows that the Chinese government informed the situation of the FTA to WTO. Before 2014, China entered into force in 2015, the average annual number of less, in FTA, in 2014 there are 2 FTA. At present, China is negotiating FTA with Sri Lanka, Norway, Georgia, Maldives, Japan and South Korea, the GCC, launched the "regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement" (RCEP), and Pakistan FTA second stage of the negotiation. At the same time, China and India, Columbia, Moldova, Nepal, Fiji and other countries to accelerate the pace of FTA research. Three is the China FTA implementation strategy, docking and joint construction of The Belt and Road ". Is economy FTA negotiations, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Georgia, gcc.相关的主题文章: