Tourists miss the last bus Qingdao bus driver to open the car from a free – Beijing tourists miss the last bus Qingdao bus driver to open the car free from a central broadcasting network Qingdao on October 25th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the evening of October 20th, the Qingdao scenic Laoshan Mountain house, at night, the temperature dropped mountains. There are two women with children, still Zhoujiazhuang bus station anxiously waiting to return to the city bus 628, but at this moment, the last bus has already opened. At this time, a private car stopped, warmly greeted them on the train, free to send them to a nearby site. Private car owner Chen Jixing, is the 628 bus driver. Three years ago, his bus team noticed that many tourists will miss the last bus and delayed home. So they organized a downwind team, the opening day of the last bus to the bus driver will be parked, open their own private car to return to Laoshan bus station, and will be printed with "Xin flying free ride" sign on the prominent position of private car. Over the past three years, the unit where they have received calls from tourists all over the country, praised the enthusiastic behavior of drivers.相关的主题文章: