Depression is more than an adult, it’s not even a child! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) message free resources | tasting | brush picture of family education | parent-child manual Qiao Renliang died recently burst in the circle of friends, just to see the news, I believe many people feel incredible, then see the official information to accept this sudden news. A young life, said no, no, not only make people feel sorry. Enumerate the previous star, many because of depression and chose to end his own life, we do not judge why they would have to follow the trend, because of curiosity and rumors of some false information. After all, the deceased is great, we should respect his choice, wish him well! Depression is not a shameful disease at home to watch the news at the same time, also saw some friend’s views on the matter. A doctor friend’s remarks made fresh. She said that in their medical school, there are 2 students sick to go to treatment, got a different vision. She said that even people who have received higher education in the hospital, not to mention the general acceptance of depression. I just want to use also had depression in the words of Cui Yongyuan to tell you: "depression is not a shameful disease". Depression, also known as depression, with a significant and lasting depression as the main clinical features, is the main type of mood disorders. Clinical and visible low mood and the situation does not match, depressed mood from depression to grief, depression and low self-esteem, and even a Dutch act or attempt to be pessimistic and worldweary, behavior; and even stupor; some patients had significant anxiety and agitation; serious person can appear hallucinations, delusions and other psychotic symptoms. Each attack lasted at least 2 weeks, the elderly or even a few years, the majority of cases have a tendency to relapse, the majority of each attack can be alleviated, some may have residual symptoms or chronic. Do you know what? The smallest depressive patients were 3 years old in 2013, Fujian, "southeast Evening News" had published a news: Quanzhou has appeared in the youngest patients with depression is the age of 3! Oh, my God, I can’t believe that a 3 year old child will suffer from depression! After treatment, the cause of depression in patients with small family environment. When we focus on depression, most of the focus is on the adult population, and depression is not a patent for adults, children are also a high incidence of depression, and more likely to be ignored. At present, there are about 20% children and adolescents with depression in China, of which, 4% are clinical depression. About one in every 33 children in the United States has a depression, which is particularly pronounced among boys under the age of 10, with about one in every one of the 8 women suffering from depression, and the girls at higher risk. See here, do you still think that depression is far away from us? It is time to pay close attention to the depression, there are always some poetry相关的主题文章: