Mommy baby love "shaped lip" teach you the minute decrescent lead: girls are ordinary people can not understand for the lipstick love for them is not what thing can not be resolved, if there is a lipstick, then two! But with a favorite lipstick, but you will only painted the whole mouth? (source: Poster fashion network) Angelababy girls love lipstick is ordinary people can not understand, for them, there is nothing that can not solve a lipstick, if so, then the two! But with a favorite lipstick, but you will only painted the whole mouth? No wonder you can’t go on! Come and take a look at Mommy Angelababy is how to face the! Angelababy Angelababy Angelababy from long ago has been transferred to plastic surgery, Yan value fluctuated but also let people eat melon confused, but seals Jun found a variety of fresh pregnancy after pregnancy Angelababy light is really beautiful cry, look carefully, the original is in the hands of the lips"! Angelababy look at the previous photo, either with makeup or makeup photos, no Taode lip shape coordination shortcomings, actually also when our daily makeup, only know to put lipstick painted, and did not want to go to the advantage of lip structure. So this not surgery can redefine the lip shape "shaped lip" you’re going to have to learn! How to coordinate lips "shaping" Angelababy Angelababy lip painting only 2/3 can be used to modify the lip Concealer powder or lip contour will gradually be adjusted. Like Angelababy’s upper lip painted only half of the lower lip, drew only 2/3 of the area, the other part of the lip meat with concealer, this painting not only adjusted the lips without coordination, but also let some people and lip meat becomes part of the chin in vision, adjust the five officer proportion of "face" success! How much more lasting lip lip how more durable Angelababy had a beautiful lip and his beloved red mouth, but it was not long before it was his "eat"? In fact, the use of powder can effectively alleviate the problem. After the coated lipstick, take a clean cotton, dipped in a little powder, with lips gently sip, then gently point shot, immediately break is not easy to tuozhuang. But winter lip problems often occur peeling drying can not ignore Oh, we can sleep before gently wipe with a wet towel lips, and then coated with a layer of lip balm thick, so to get up in the morning and lips moist! The next task is to choose a favorite lipstick, on the face can "shaping beautiful lips" go now!相关的主题文章: