4 strokes to help you recruit the most reliable small partner! Drops, Tencent are by well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson said: "if you treat extremely seriously and recruitment, you move to the success rate is almost 70%, if you are lucky. This still says staff. If you recruit executives, the success rate is almost 50%." In the mobile Internet era, if can significantly improve the recruitment of "hit rate" (that is, how to ensure the recruitment of personnel can be sustained outstanding performance at work and working in the company a long time), the enterprise will avoid detours, lower input costs, faster development. What are the ways to enable enterprises to attract phoenix phoenix tree, significantly improve recruitment hit rate? World Chinese management guru, Yang triangle theory original Yang Guoan teach you 4 strokes to recruit. These 4 strokes, drops, Tencent, Google, Facebook are in use! The board of directors of the Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng: Professor Yang is not only a theoretical basis and practical experience of the management experts, also maintained in the emerging industries and the new management concept of strong interest, after a few thatched cottage, Arthur became a Tencent senior management consultant, also opened our pleasant cooperation lasted for 8 years. Jingdong Group Chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong: Professor Yang Guoan about the ability of organization to create a "Yang triangle theory" is very practical and down to earth, there are a lot of guiding significance in practical work. Jingdong in recent years from the electricity supplier business extends to the field of finance, intelligence, O2O, cloud and big data and other services, how to allow different difference of business organization and group play platform advantages is the challenge we face. Professor Yang Yang Yang 2 edition of the theory of the system and the market network organization for the development of diversified Jingdong provides a good reference. Drops travel chairman and CEO Cheng Wei: drip travel over the past four years to survive into the World Cup finals, team building and learning speed is the key to support the rapid growth of business success factors. Today, the scale of the business trip has come to the need for better methodology, organizational form, the ability to build a system of organizational time. Yang Yang’s version of the 2 edition of the Chinese version of the thinking and evolution of open a window, many guideline company management initiatives designed and implemented. 4S model crack recruitment dilemma Standard (standard): we need what kind of talent? Sourcing (search): through what channels to find the right talent? Screening (screening): how to select the best candidate for us? Securing (Consolidation): how can we ensure that the talent we are looking for will be accepted? · standard (Standard): high standards and strict requirements, continue to improve the standard of mobile Internet era is more emphasis on learning ability, learning ability, passion and culture, why do some people learning more than others? Scholar R. Eichinger and M. Lombardo was brought forward in the research learning sensitivity (Learning Agility) concept, based on their achievements, in practice, we think it is!相关的主题文章: