The woman turned into a welfare! "The universe" detective elDLIVE PV to open the new comic "tutor" is known as the Amano Aki teacher’s latest comic works "universe" detective elDLIVE has identified adapted into animation, and aired in January 2017. Today (September 21st) the animation released a PV video, let the fans to enjoy. TV, member of the second ", or no lumira and [lDLIVE] PV ‘first public & #38283; video can see Ryan · Bleecker captain to command the battle scenes, and the main female party Meiling turned the picture is impressive. After the death of the water turned like sexy white clothing will be beautiful curves of her body showed, of course her combat is also very strong. In addition, the video can be seen everywhere adorable pet is also very cute. Friends who are interested in watching the trailer and the fans who have been chasing the cartoon must not miss this animation! "The universe" detective elDLIVE was created by cartoonist Amano Aki comics, August 2013 "JUMP LIVE" serialized in the magazine, currently serialized in APP JUMP+. Since that is the story with a double personality grade junior nine Seto universe too hero, he tells the story after the police become the universe. The adaptation of TV animation will be aired on January 2017, voiced by, published in the current lineup: Murase Ayumi, Zhou Lai too CV the CV Meiling: Saori Hayami and Dole CV Miya Rie, Ryan · Bleecker CV: Suzuki Dao CV: Kobayashi Oki Phillips, odd. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: