What happened to them? 7 year old girl breast enlargement in another 11 years to the holiday yesterday, children’s Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University professor Zou Zhaochun, deputy secretary of pediatric endocrinology experts in Yuhang, in Yuhang, who were free on-site consultation guidance for local children and adolescents. My first trip to Hangzhou maternal and Child Health Hospital of Yuhang District, only 7 and a half years old, is short and fat, with her parents not because of the height, but found the child the breast. Doctors told the parents, the child is not early development, but with congenital hypothyroidism. The child’s inherent lack of thyroxine secretion or deficiency, resulting in growth retardation, motor development, mental retardation and other symptoms. Parents always feel no wonder see light suddenly, daughter than others short, all aspects than others, the exam is only three or four very. It is said that parents always worry about children, can soar from the womb to let parents don’t worry. In the mother’s belly has been too small, although the term birth, but weighs 4 pounds, the doctor told the child is parents of full-term infants. Congenitally deficient the day after tomorrow, parents have been very good son. Can be 9 and a half years Xiang Xiang, height only 127 cm, shorter than their peers of 10 cm. Check to the hospital found that the bone age backward, growth hormone treatment needs. 11 year old girl Fifi rag. But she was only 142 cm tall. The hospital examination found that Fifi have adolescent short stature, early development, natural height is more restricted, need growth hormone treatment to make up for the day after tomorrow. These cases are true in the Yuhang District Maternal and child health care hospital. Professor Zou Zhaochun said, "the term infants birth weight less than 2.5 kg, height less than 47 cm in children, because the children of intrauterine growth retardation, catch-up growth is more difficult, parents should pay more attention to the child’s height, regular physical examination is very important for children. In addition, we must pay attention not to let the child too fat, too fat is not conducive to high growth." "Congenital hypothyroidism, also known as cretinism, if the child is born within 2 weeks of starting treatment, most children with nervous system development and intelligence can resume normal. However, if in the neonatal period can not be found and treated in time, will lead to children’s mental retardation." Experts said the growth and development of children, if the child is short, early development, the girls before the age of 8 breast development or menstrual cramps before the age of 10; the boy before the age of 9 began spermary penile development, or 11 years old or distorted; children especially fat or very thin, need to go to hospital consulting adolescent growth and development of dr..相关的主题文章: