Today the weather was dry at equinox to water next week to dry down yesterday afternoon, in Hankou Garden Expo, visitors in by twos and threes with the relics of the upper market even. The holidays, people in Hankou receded appears particularly quiet, very suitable for taking pictures and meditation about. Reporter Yu Zhiyong photo today, Wuhan will usher in the solar term in the sunny weather in the next few days, we will continue to have no rain dry day, rain may have to wait until next week will come to our city and noise reduction. Yesterday, Wuhan sunny, although the temperature is not high, the maximum temperature in the afternoon is still below 30 degrees Celsius, but the sun dried up the water in the air, the minimum air humidity in the afternoon fell to less than 30%. The three day, Wuhan city continued sunny to cloudy weather, the air humidity continues to remain low, and the afternoon temperatures will gradually increase, the day after the highest temperature may rise to 32 degrees Celsius, summer seems to be still reluctant to say goodbye to everyone. Recently, including Wuhan, Hubei and more rainfall, drought in some areas of Hubei has emerged. According to the meteorological department is expected to start on the 24, there will be rainfall in Western Hubei, the scope of rainfall will be extended to the province of 26, is expected after the end of the rainfall in the province of 27. According to the central meteorological station 7 day weather forecast, Wuhan 26 days 27 days two days will be rain, then rain is expected to moisten a thirsty Wuhan. Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau said, if appropriate, this weekend, Hubei province may increase artificial rain, alleviate the drought in our province. Wuhan is expected to sunny cloudy day today, temperature of 17 DEG -30 DEG 50%-90%, humidity, easterly 2 to 3; tonight to tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the temperature of 19 DEG -31 DEG, easterly 2 to 3 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is cloudy, the temperature of 22 DEG -32 DEG, easterly 2 to 3. The solar term health related video相关的主题文章: