New drugs more harm to women’s drug addiction addiction psychosis induced by the original title: new drugs more harm to 28 year old woman addicted addiction caused by mental disorders Changsha net news October 8th "every time, she will be very difficult for us to find out, we are often a cafe a cafe to have may find her, she will be back, but not every few days, and no one." Recently, in the rehabilitation department of people’s Hospital of Hunan Province second ward, Wang Ting (a pseudonym) of the mother to the doctor for help, "we really have no way, so I brought her here, these one or two months, she seems not to touch the poison, but almost every day stay in the Internet bar!" This year has been 28 year old Wang Ting has not let the parents worry, 10 years ago, 18 year old Wang Ting and friends often go to Internet cafes to play games, in the process of contact potential. The first contact Wang Ting appeared after ketamine, palpitation, dyspnea, standing instability, trembling and other symptoms, had a very long time to gradually ease. The next period of time, Wang Ting at a friend’s instigation, repeatedly taking k powder and Magu and other drugs, each from 0.2 grams to 1 grams, and most friends smoking in bars or hotels. Gradually, the king of the drug addiction, a strong psychological dependence on drugs. Three years ago, Wang Ting always just hear people talking, occasionally sometimes Luanjiang, suspicious automatic speaking, and suspect someone talk about her behind her back, around the people watching her, walking in the street often tell someone to track yourself, with strange eyes at her suspicion around to harm her, usually emotional easily excited, often without reason for small temper. Parents have no choice, in July 2013 and, the two will be sent to the Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital of the people’s Hospital for treatment of drug addiction treatment group second. "Good times don’t last long not long after discharge. I found out that she was starting to suck, and we found out she was addicted to online games. This time, the children in the Internet cafe for a whole week, we only called Wang Ting cousin accompanied by an Internet cafe to find a cafe in order to find her in a corner of the Internet cafe." Wang Ting’s mother said, "even took her home, she also did not communicate with family and communication, in addition to the Internet has not any other interests and hobbies, the mood is very excited easily, often without reason for small temper, as long as can not meet her request, she went mad." In desperation, the parents will be sent to the rehabilitation department of people’s Hospital of Hunan Province second drug treatment, through the examination system, the doctor diagnosed Wang Ting is suffering from "the use of psychoactive substances caused by mental and behavioral disorders". "Many young people began to simply play online games, to a certain stage of development, in order to stimulate the pursuit of development taking new drugs, such as MDMA, methamphetamine, methamphetamine, ketamine." On the other hand, due to the beginning of new drugs will not be addicted. Some people mistakenly think that it is not a drug at all, and the use of new drugs have a certain degree of concealment. It does not need to inject, will not leave a scar on the body, etc., it is difficult to find abnormal family." Hunan Second People’s Hospital, said Jiang Tieping, director of drug abuse, but in fact, the use of new drugs on their own crack相关的主题文章: