Why only the Han monks burn burn scar? Ring scar is a feature of Chinese Buddhism (map): Zhao Puchu the novice, the first thing to ask yourself is, their grasp of the Buddhist faith is in place? Whether a devout worship is unknown why Buddhism? If you want to use the law, why must the prophet. Numerous living beings have a good heart, but often do not correctly, grasp the method is much more important than blindly in practice. The first to answer questions. The monks tonsure. According to the Buddha, shaved, dyed clothing, is a necessary condition to obtain the monks ordained qualification. Tim clothes dyeing is intended to abandon the beautiful decoration, a simple life. In general the monks without a beard, but I owned a part of monks bearded monk, they think should be shaving, then you can stay. The monks of the southern countries are not allowed to leave. As for the burn scar on the ring does not need to be ordained head. In addition to the Han nationality, other ethnic monks have not burned scar rules. With the "Brahma net Bodhisattva Precepts in" burning the body said it may support. The Tang Dynasty has the practice of refining the roof (to the top of the fire), which forms a universal system. When foreign rulers attempted to identify true and false, prevent deforcement people fled to the monks inside. It remains to be traced. At the end of Song Dynasty, Mongolia military road sign, young men went or slaughtered, either by strong labor forces in Mongolia to conquer, but a monk never embarrassed, because at that time the Mongolia upper respected buddhism. Therefore, Chinese young adults have shaved wearing robes, disguised as a monk to escape the sword. The monk increase suddenly, that the Mongolia army can not distinguish the authenticity, so Mongolia’s rulers to burn scar ring to distinguish whether is a monk, but also burn scar after the ring is not allowed to. Because the burning ring scar to endure severe pain, and the day after to return to secular life, so many people have to give up a fake this way. From the Yuan Dynasty, to the Buddhist Association of Chinese abolished burning ring scar, scar or become a feature of Chinese buddhism. WeChat search on [] easily focus on Buddhism Buddhist Tencent WeChat public no..相关的主题文章: