Xiamen called for strong remediation zombie car to establish a blacklist zombie car long-term parking, affecting other vehicles. Morning news reporter correspondent Li Ling Lin Qing everyone on the zombie car probably not unfamiliar – no one long-term use of maintenance, dust, the shape of a zombie, the city traffic and the image of a serious impact. In recent years, with the popularity of cars and vehicles to speed up the rate of replacement, five Lotus Village jurisdiction nearly 2000 vehicles of different types, including some have been close to or reached the age old car has been parked in the car owners at primary and secondary roads on both sides, not only occupy parking resources, there are security risks. Zombie car parking lane leading to the NPC on behalf of the group of Siming District Jialian on behalf of Xu Dubiao through visits found that only five of the Lotus Village community area can significantly screening of "zombie" has ten, in addition, there are a considerable number of suspected zombie car". Five Lotus Village community most is the last century built in 90s District, the district is equipped with the limited parking, the owners can not meet the demand for parking, "zombies" and make limited parking problems more prominent one disaster after another. In addition, zombie car parked in the parking lot, disrepair, once the tank rust, leakage of gasoline, may cause a fire, spread to other vehicles, there are many security risks. Representatives called for strong regulation held in the community residents, Community Police Association, representatives of National People’s Congress to report meeting District, community residents reflect the strong requirements of constituency deputies appealed to the higher authorities, increase the "zombie car remediation efforts. For the zombie car, there are many problems, the election of deputies to solicit opinions and suggestions on the basis of community residents, Xu Dubiao proposed remediation proposals. Suggestions on the area of the "zombies" to carry out the investigation thoroughly work, including vehicles belonging to the unit or individual, the owner information, vehicle license plate, clear base, the situation is clear. At the same time, coordinating urban management, public security and traffic, property, community and other related departments to carry out centralized regulation, to contact the owners of the first telephone or written notice, deadline for treatment, not more than the self processing as main "zombies", by the relevant departments to focus on recycling scrap processing. The establishment of "zombie" blacklist in actively promoting the District People’s Congress, public security, urban management, transportation and other departments of the joint law enforcement, daily regular inspections of zombie car violations found together with the investigation, the formation of normal working mechanism, make full use of the existing video monitoring devices to increase inspection efforts, multi-channel, multi level to strengthen the parking order management. At the same time, to establish a blacklist system, the restriction on the zombie car owners in the car handling procedures, driver’s license, vehicle inspection and other aspects, to improve the illegal cost, simplify the second-hand car transfer and vehicle scrapping procedures. S6A26052相关的主题文章: