When there is a Emoji version of the world famous painting gallery its famous source: curiosity daily Author: elegant now almost everything can be turned into Emoji. For example, Poké mon launched the game; named Poké Moji Emoji app; a book called "Emoji Dick", is the use of Emoji translation a nineteenth Century novel "Moby · Dick (Moby Dick)"; Emoji is also about to become a movie IP, SONY animation in this year took seven digit get high Emoji film rights. Emoji seems to be a symbol of mass culture in the digital age. Cantor, a gallery in Losangeles Fine Art, will be a number of artists and works of art has also become Emoji. Cantor Fine Art is a private business of contemporary art dealers, with management by Sam Cantor and his father Larry, there are three main works of artists, ranging from painting, sculpture, photography to the performing arts have dabbled in. Artist Andrew Myers made with nails to allow the blind to see 3D painting Love Win on its website price $75000. Only a few people can play the works of art. At first, the founder Sam Cantor just made one or two Emoji works on social media play, but did not think has been welcomed by many people, and quickly became a successful marketing event, Sam said, "there have been many companies find he wanted to do in these Emoji mobile phone keyboard." In their official INS, a lot of people think of the "cute" "awesome" "nice", and look forward to these expressions in the phone. Why are these Emoji so popular? Fine art as a pure aesthetic and intellectual visual art, has long been strongly and popular art to distinguish, because of its expensive price, has been a symbol of the upper class taste. After these great works of art into Emoji, give us these ordinary people a "consumer" elegant art form, but also to the minority art itself slightly to develop a more extensive market. Maybe you can’t afford to buy a painting, but you can put it in the mobile phone keyboard, chat when such a look, you seem interesting culture. They’re still working on the new Emoji series, and you can leave a message on their ins account to tell them what you want to be Emoji. From here: Yatzer相关的主题文章: