Private elite teachers 100 thousand annual salary of Chinese, mathematics, physical education teachers for most of the students, the examination of the preparation of public schools is the first goal. Recently, in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province talent market occupation introduction of college graduates public recruitment center, sponsored by Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, the reporter noted that some well-known private schools have also been graduates of all ages. Compared with public schools, private schools known starting salary twice as high, reaching 100 thousand yuan. High income, the development of space, part of the normal students said very heart. The private schools of new teachers starting around 100 thousand in the recruitment site, the fire of the two units is the Nanjing foreign language school Xianlin Campus and nsfz Jiangning branch. Nanjing foreign language school Xianlin out more than and 100 jobs. Daily economic news reporter noted that the new teacher’s treatment is very superior, recruitment advertising next year’s revenue can reach 100 thousand yuan. School offers favorable conditions to attract a lot of graduates. English girl Chen offered to well-known private school work. "To go to South Xianlin is good, good treatment, the development of space is relatively large." But Chen worry, as the recruitment requirements of popular elite South Xianlin must not low. School teacher recruitment recruitment and admitted that such a large two-child policy related to the implementation of more than 20 female teachers during the school this year. "The school need to reserve personnel to deal with the second wave. In addition, outside the southern branch of the school is about to swallow a large demand for talent." Nsfz Jiangning campus recruitment program this year about 20, including the number of language subjects, sports, career planning, stem etc.. The reporter understands, South Division attached middle school of Jiangning new teachers’ treatment is also very good, the annual income of -8 million in the 60 thousand undergraduate students, graduate students more, if as a teacher, the annual income of -15 million in 120 thousand. In many jobs, career planning teacher this post is the most eye-catching. Career planning teacher to teach what? Nsfz Jiangning branch responsible for personnel recruitment Xing Qian teacher explained that the school from kindergarten to high school education, in the course of children’s growth, timely career planning knowledge is very important. "For primary school students, teachers should guide them to find their own interests; for middle school students, teachers should further guide their career orientation." The school attaches great importance to this point. The lack of primary school Chinese math and PE teacher of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University will recruit deputy director Zhou Hongxia said that the normal professional employment situation is very good, this year 90% students could get into a series of teacher preparation, post is most people’s first choice, followed by private schools, and finally the training institutions. Some well-known private schools are popular with students. "We do a return visit, public school teachers monthly salary of about 4000 yuan. Private school teachers to double the income." From the point of view of the discipline, primary school Chinese, mathematics, physical education teachers the most obvious gap, such as last year, only 40 teachers in Jiangning recruitment.相关的主题文章: