Manage your emotions, in order to save the marriage concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: continued margin marriage research center of this society has no parents than that time, relatively more complicated and impetuous, every day we will receive a lot of information impact, various kinds of Ling Lang everywhere, materialistic desires and emotions, check out our hearts, marriage on the rocks is becoming more and more popular, people more and more insecure to face the storms of life, the society also gave birth to a large number of "single dog" and "leftover fighters" fear into marriage, their freedom of hard-edged, as used in an intimate relationship, no father’s patience and dedication, a little thing can make general turmoil, breaking up. In fact, emotional people, mostly vulnerable children. These years the rapid development of Chinese, education method of parents also have no time to pay attention, many families to children, are the best conditions of material principle and doting, so although the children have grown up, but still immature in mind, in family relations, they are used to obtain and share and control, and was afraid to pay negative. A lot of people with more or less selfish, arrogant, lazy, extravagant such bad habits, but did not know, still feel let their habits is for their own good, is to love yourself, so in the early marriage, would not have changed much, because do not recognize their. But marriage is the daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, is life, is a long, to sustainable development of the small family, if there are too many individualism, habits and faults, which ran aground! Managing emotions is actually based on the maturity of the mind. We no longer stick to their own wrong values, no longer live in their own world, can slowly to understand and pay attention to the needs of others, to be able to see the efforts of others, others will know how to be grateful and cherish. Save the secret of marriage management good mood, in order to save the marriage we have to understand, in the marriage, is the need to cooperate with each other, is to support each other, for the common goal of their own dedication. Running a marriage is actually the same as doing a job. Although at the beginning, we came together because of love, but to maintain the stability of the marriage, more rely on the sense of responsibility and dedication. For example, the wife wife to know do thing. Chinese since ancient times is the men outside, women inside, this is Chinese traditional culture, is the best way to division of men and women, although women can hold up half the sky, the workplace does not lose a man, but because the woman is full of romantic love, careful groups, so take care of home for women, dress up the room, cook, do her husband’s gentle backing, her husband love into every corner of the home, enjoying the joy of giving love. Husband wife feel full of love, good mood, full of natural power, work hard work, courage, for the family to earn more income, Zhefengdangyu for his wife and children. Understand the direction, we in the little things do not seriously. Such as two)相关的主题文章: