Master to read the tape: the market into the pressure zone for slow – Sohu securities Sohu teeter Securities News Wednesday two, the day before yesterday did not continue the unilateral rise pattern, stock index opened slightly lower after the open wide shock pattern, it is worth mentioning is the most powerful gem yesterday today is low fan, the trend is weaker than the motherboard, near the late stock index slightly for leading the two city strong again, the gem out of the small V – reverse the trend. By the end of the day, the Shanghai stock index rose nearly 1%, the gem edged up slightly. The following is the master view: Huang Kun: Sohu securities index downward trend was not obvious but also won’t break repeatedly down low, stocks rise but also independent strength differentiation, high-quality stocks bottomed, annual outstanding stocks ahead of time and capital to control the shares subject to a more positive interpretation of market structure, the market downturn seems to profit is not easy but the loss is not easy. Empty void: technology, today is to channel rail, tomorrow there will be a phony occupy the trend, but I carefully look at this problem, because the current average need repair, in general, 5 to the X20 line, but this process, often because of the multi line (more than 3) will be interpreted into a sideways or circular arrangement, say many strong stocks today, are some compensatory growth of the majority, then tomorrow, you should really do to lighten up. Heart to heart: after the continued rise, the rest of the market is the normal performance of the operation, not fear. To undertake the analysis before, after the crash of January until today, rebound and decline still disproportionately, once the market into the rest, after the rest continue to rise is a high probability event, investors should not fear the concussion, holding firm. At the same time, the rest of the investors, the rest of the process will provide buying opportunities. Wang Guoqiang: today successfully crossed the 2844 points, the small cap after repeated the city basic to the highest point of closing, will continue to enlarge the volume of around 2844 points repeatedly is not enough, this week after two days of repeated shocks may still continue to. Today, although close to the highest point, but did not touch the band meteor resistance point 2878 points, which means that the upward trend is not too strong. Still have to pay attention to the next callback opportunities, although the expected pullback space is limited, but the overall increase in space is limited, the callback intervention is the safer option. At the beginning of March NPC and CPPCC to be held before two weeks of relative preference to shocks. Under the file above 2760 strong support, upside 3000 near the pressure. Jade: three mark of January left the long line is to determine the nature of the market benchmark, but the window is should pay attention to Friday’s stock delivery in March NPC and CPPCC window and window period. Language: shares closed at 2845 today, is still a strong state, K three positive, rebound trend further established. Tomorrow is the futures delivery week Thursday, careful oscillation more substantial appearance. A note of rhythm, duration of oscillation should buy low sell high, temporarily avoid heavily loaded operation, waiting for this week’s closing clear can stand 5 weekly before making a decision. Li Maolin: for the afternoon trend, the author reminds in the main process is bound to prevent pulled wide shock formation, did not expect quick kill after noon!

高手看盘:大盘步入压力区 步履蹒跚缓慢行-搜狐证券  搜狐证券讯 周三两市并未延续前日单边上扬格局,沪指早盘小幅低开后开启宽幅震荡模式,值得一提的是昨日最为强势的创业板今日较为低迷,走势弱于主板,临近尾盘沪指小幅拉升引领两市再度走强,创业板走出小幅V型反转走势。截止收盘,沪指涨幅近1%、创业板小幅收涨。   以下是搜狐证券高手观点:   黄昆:指数下跌趋势不被明显打破但也不会再反复下跌新低、个股独立强度上升但分化也大、优质个股提前止跌、年报优秀个股和游资把控题材股更加积极演绎结构性行情、市况看似低迷获利不易但亏损也不易。   空空道人:技术上,今天算是到了通道上轨处,明天应该有个假模假样的占据的走势,但是我谨慎的看待这个问题,因为,目前的均线需要个修复,一般来说,需要5去X20线,但是这个过程,往往因为阳线多(超过3个)会演绎成一个横盘整理或圆弧整理,再说今天的很多强势的股,都是一些补涨的占多数,那么明天,就应该真的做到减仓应对了。   连心:持续上涨后出现休整是市场运行的正常表现,不足为惧。承接之前分析,1月份暴跌出现后一直到今天,反弹与跌幅仍不成比例,一旦市场进入休整,休整过后继续上涨是大概率事件,投资者应不惧震荡,坚定持股。同时对于持币的投资者来说,休整过程将提供买入机会。   王国强:今天顺利冲过了2844点,盘中小反复后尾市基本以最高点收盘,量能继续放大,围绕2844点的反复还不够,本周后两天还有继续反复震荡的可能。今天虽然以差不多最高位收盘,但没有触及波段流星阻力位2878点,这意味着涨的势头并不太强。还是要注意接下来有回调机会,虽然预期回调空间有限,但总体上升空间受限的情况下,回调介入才是更安全的选择。3月初两会即将召开,会前的两周相对偏好的向上震荡为主。下档2760点以上支撑强,上档3000点附近压力大。   玉名:1月留下的三根标志性长阴线是判断行情性质的标杆,而窗口方面则应该关注本周五的股期交割窗口和3月两会窗口周期。   股浪语:今天收盘在2845之上,仍是强势状态,K线三连阳,反弹趋势进一步确立。明天是期指交割周的周四,小心更大幅度的振荡出现。个股注意节奏的把握,振荡期间高抛低吸为宜,暂时避免重仓操作,等待本周收盘明确能否站稳5周线再做决定。   李茂林:对于下午走势,笔者提醒在主力拉升过程中势必防止宽幅震荡的形成,没有想到中午快速下杀后主力再次强力拉升,充分说明主力意在逼空!对于明天走势,笔者认为,明天依然是震荡时间点,不要经过反复震荡,突破20天无法站稳!因此,短线依然是股市高手的天堂!相关的主题文章: