Folli Follie,来自国际的轻奢潮牌,以精工细作高品质、价位合理的高性价比、风格强烈的原创设计,满足追求时尚生活的消费族群的需求。

        Folli Follie家·生态”孕婴童生活品牌集合店有:有少年装、中大童、小童(外出服)、儿童生活用品、亲子装、孕妇装、婴装系列、箱包、眼镜、鞋帽、童车、童床、儿童家居、家纺等涉及5000多个小品类商品。Folli Follie面向全面发展,真正以儿童为设计出发点,尊重并发挥孩子的天性,让他们在自由、欢乐的氛围下成长,为他们的穿衣和生活带去更多的品质和选择。

        Folli Follie, from the light wave of luxury brand, Seiko secret agents, high-quality, reasonably priced high price, strong style of the original design to meet the pursuit of life fashion consumer groups demand.

       Folli follie "ecological" set shop: juvenile, in children, children (take out), activities for children, parent-child loaded, maternity, infant series, bags, glasses, shoes, baby stroller, crib, children at home, the home relates to more than 5000 pieces of goods, Folli follie for all-round development, true to the children as a starting point for the design, respect and give play to the child’s nature, let them grow up in a free and happy atmosphere, their clothes and life to bring more quality and choice.


          Folli Follie著力打造中国儿童时尚潮牌生活新动力,将国




FOLLI FOLLIE to create a new driving force of China’s

children’s fashion tide brand, the international trend

of cultural elements to the Chinese market.

Recommend to the Chinese consumers from foreign

excellent trend of culture,

through the interaction of

culture, and create a trend

of fashion attitude

and taste of life.