The RMB amount fell slightly before the G20 meeting expected exchange rate steady U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Huitong warrants network February 23rd hearing – the dollar on Tuesday fell slightly in early trading volume, approaching 6.53 yuan mark; because the international dollar rebound, the median price hit the biggest January 7th single day decline. Traders said the middle price is still the central bank’s intention to observe the window, but the market is not worried about the exchange rate will depreciate sharply, this week’s group of 20 meeting before the end of the material exchange rate remained stable. The dollar yuan daily traders also pointed out that there are still many off the disc bargain purchase of foreign exchange settlement plate, but needs to loosen, rangebound ideas gradually rise, regulators have no need to use too much liquidity to stabilize the exchange rate, turnover decreased significantly compared with yesterday all day long is also evidence. A Chinese funded bank trader said, although the median price fell, but the market is not particularly feel panic; the central mother has the initiative, or stability before the G20 meeting. Traders said the central bank is moving to the right on the road, from off the plate for the two days, has been slowly with the two-way fluctuation of momentum, before everyone regardless of the dollar fell dollar rose are selling renminbi to buy dollars, has now started two-way trade. Like day yen appreciation, market makers began to buy dollars to sell renminbi, which was a big change. The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting will be held this Friday to Saturday (26-27) held in Shanghai, will be held Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan Friday press conference, the market focus on the economy and the exchange rate to the relevant contents of China. Global currencies, the dollar fell on Tuesday for a week and a half low, because of the high risk assets less attractive, the demand for the safe haven currency revive; sterling and euro concussion trend, because before the British off the European referendum on the uncertainty of the encounter crash. China exchange trading center today updated 16 point U.S. dollar exchange rate of RMB 6.5289. Since August 24th, the foreign exchange trading centre has issued a reference rate at 10, 11, 14, 15, five and 16 times a day. Editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

人民币缩量小幅收跌 G20会议前料汇价持稳 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   汇通网2月23日讯 ― 周二人民币兑美元即期缩量小幅收跌,早盘一度逼近6.53元关口;因国际美元反弹,中间价创1月7日来最大单日跌幅。交易员称,中间价依旧是观察央行意图窗口,但市场已不担忧汇率会大幅贬值,本周20国集团会议结束前汇价料仍持稳。 美元兑人民币日线图   交易员还指出,虽仍有不少客盘逢低购汇,但结汇盘需求有松动迹象,区间波动思路逐渐抬头,监管层已不需要动用过多流动性即可稳定汇价,全天成交额较昨日明显下降亦是佐证。   一中资行交易员称,虽然中间价下跌,但市场没有特别恐慌;感觉央妈已掌握主动权了,G20会议前应还是稳定为主。   交易员表示,央行正在向正确道路上前进,从这两天的客盘来看,已慢慢有了双向波动势头,以前是大家不管美元跌美元涨都是卖人民币买美元,现在已开始双向交易。像日间日元升值的时候,做市商就开始自发地买美元卖人民币,这是一个很大的转变。   G20财长和央行行长会议将于本周五至周六(26-27日)在上海召开,中国央行行长周小川周五将召开记者会,市场重点关注有关中国经济及汇率走向相关内容。   全球汇市方面,美元兑日元周二跌至一周半低位,因高风险资产失去吸引,避险货币需求重振;英镑和欧元走势震荡,之前因英国脱欧公投的不确定性而遭遇大跌。   中国外汇交易中心今日更新的16点美元兑人民币参考汇率为6.5289。外汇交易中心自8月24日开始,每天五次,分别为10点、11点、14点、15点和16点时发布一个参考汇率。 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: