Customer Service The best wedding car hire London is usually the car hire that gives you the most unique vehicles of all. Your wedding is after all the most awaited day of your life everything going according to plan, it will happen only once and so you want to make the most of it if you can. Using vintage wedding cars is a great way to do this it adds to the style and makes the happy couple feel extra special too. When else, after all, are they going to get to ride in a Roller from the 1930s? There are of course degrees of classic car or vintage car that you can hire for your wedding. When you go vintage for your wedding you probably want to think about a Jag, a Roller or an early 1930s style American roadster. These are the cars you will only ever get to see, or sit in, as the result of using a wedding car hire London firm (like AA Executive, which among other things boasts one of only two Rolls Royce Cockshoot limousines left in the world). Genuine classic vintage wedding cars that can convey one of you to the church not only on time but in the highest style of your life: and that will take you both on to your reception amidst a flurry of envious glances from your guests and passers-by on the street. The key thing, when you are hiring a vintage wedding car, is to make sure it has enough seats in it for the occasion: and that means knowing early how many people will be in the party going to the venue, and how many will be in the party .ing away from the venue. Traditionally the bride and her parents will arrive at the venue in the vehicle, but the groom gets on it when the party leaves after the service. So, if you are going traditional (and if you are using vintage wedding cars you probably are) then you will be likely to need a classic that has enough room for the bridal party, plus one. Most wedding car hire London firms will include a bucket of ice, a champagne bottle and a pair of glasses in the car, if you ask them just the thing to take the nerves away and to help celebrate after the fact! Your car hire firm will charge you a fixed price, usually, according to the number of hours you need it for: four at one price is .mon, followed by a per hour charge for every hour subsequent. Just be careful when you start hiring vintage wedding cars you dont want to give them back, and you could just as easily end up spending the honeymoon money on cruising around town for the rest of the day! Using wedding car hire London .panies to do the transport for your wedding means you can relax and know that you will not just get to the church on time but in style. Enjoy your day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: