Sales Vadodara offers an array of luscious gardens & splendid parks to its residents. The verdant greenery is not only a visual delight, but also renders an alluring effect on its visitors. During winters, the city organizes several flower shows where there are hundreds of gorgeous species on display. Apart from flowers, these gardens also feature deciduous trees, climbers, and creepers. Listed below are some of the wonderful parks & gardens of Vadodara, which also serve as famous tourist spots: Sayaji Bagh Sprawling over a vast expanse of 113 acres, the Sayaji Bagh is by far the largest garden in the western part of the country. It possesses rich flora & fauna comprising a whopping 98 species of plants & trees. Built by Sivaji Rao III, the garden rests on the river Vishwamitri. This famous tourist point also embodies a zoo, museum, picture gallery, planetarium, floral clock, jogging track, science park, toy train, amphitheatre, and fun rides for children. With well-maintained lawns, beautiful sculptures, and mesmerizing fountains, this garden is a visual treat for nature lovers. Harried professionals who do not get the opportunity to visit such parks may contact a florist in Vadodara and buy fresh blossoms for adorning their houses. Lalbagh This luscious garden is also a popular picnic spot where families can revel under the shady trees and amidst magnificent flower beds. The park is also home to various large & small shrubs, trees, ornamental plants, and much more. Ajwa Garden Situated at a distance of 23 km from the city, the Ajwa Garden covers a stretch of 130 acres of land. The highlight of this destination is its musical dancing fountains which exude vibrant colors. The park also offers its visitors with ample greenery, scintillating blooms, giant lawns, playing equipments for children, and much more. The highlight of this place is that the sight and fragrance of flowers continues to linger in ones mind even after several hours of visiting this garden. Those who wish to decorate their living room with flowers may get in touch with a reliable florist in Vadodara. Alternatively, one may also contact an online florist in Vadodara who would deliver flowers at the doorstep. .FlowerAura.. is one such online flower store that serves as a one-stop destination for floral and gifting needs. The flower connoisseurs of this store craft charming floral ensembles that maintain their color and freshness even after they reach their intended destination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: