90% of people don’t know that coffee can be fried! Sohu and drink coffee, how romantic, eating pork, how down to earth, just beginning to hear these two things together, woman chowhound is suspected, this is not nonsense it! But still, because the world is not what chowhound impossible to do, only you can not think of delicacy, do not come out of the delicacy, only one word: service capital! Video? Preparation 500g (cut) ribs 3G salt 3G 30g 5g sugar oyster sauce sesame oil 3G soda 30g 30g 45ml 1 Rice noodles starch water egg amount of oil sauce: 2 packs of Instant Coffee 15g 15g, brown sugar, white sugar, garlic sauce 15g, 30g, 15g, 15g (optional) rice wine sauce 45ml water. Specific steps 1 ribs cut into small pieces into the bowl. 2 add salt, sugar, milk, pork, oyster sauce, sesame oil, soda, water, starch, Rice noodles, egg, mix, pickled 1 hours. 3 in a separate bowl, accelerating instant coffee, brown sugar, white sugar, garlic, rice wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, water, stir the mixture, spare. 4 pot hot oil, fried ribs until golden brown, remove and drain the oil stand-by. 5 heat the mixture in the pan, cook until thick, add the fried pork ribs, mix well, put on the plate, garnish with parsley and pepper. After the coffee and ate ribs myself, this is a secret feast. The delicacy workshop video. ~ theMEATMENchannel相关的主题文章: