A Jiao v. wish to get married: do not expect love, but no one wants to marry me concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: 35 year old A Jiao lost voice: "no one said to marry me" A Jiao lost Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Hongkong women’s team member Zhong Xintong Twins (A Jiao), looks beautiful, met with Han Jifu two generation rights Ning a relationship, but she did not blossom, the variety show "dinner the temptation" but frankly has to love not to say, now is the pursuit of the object can be married, not a boyfriend. 35 year old A Jiao of feelings without hope, that boys in pursuit of her, always make many promises, but may not be able to achieve, now just want to get married, but also out of the future husband, to respect her, love her, filial piety, and a "don’t be so ugly." because she wanted to have a baby next. Unfortunately, although A Jiao want to be able to find a soulmate, but she also confessed: "now no one said to marry me." Full of regret and disappointment of the mood, let her friend Joey Yung distressed, hurriedly comfort A Jiao, think A Jiao is look like happiness, host Ma Dong also said: "after the broadcast will be lined up." (commissioning editor: rice) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: