A large battle golden week   literary film still is a cup of soup – Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: fighting large golden week literary film still is a cup of soup in the original title: large golden week literary film still is a cup of soup according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" reported that in May this year, producer Fang Li as the famous director Wu Tianming’s "bainiaozhaofeng" to kneel down and kowtow to improve theater row piece rate of the incident has aroused public opinion to create a great sensation, the survival status of tablets attention. In fact, for the film and television called screen space, Fang is not the first person. The 2015 movie "intruder" was released, director Wang Xiaoshuai had to row piece low and angry accused of posting cinema, said: "this is a commercial film art film the best of times, the worst of times". In the United States, France and other film industry is relatively developed countries, the film is also embarrassing situation. But the relatively mature mechanism and nurturing measures, plus special art theater, so this kind of film is still a living space in the market. Now, this kind of art cinema also appeared in the mainland, but low profit or even zero profit "," lack of new sources that become their business problems. Not long ago, the director of the Bi Gan "roadside picnic" won the golden horse award. Anhui Mount Huangshan public Yin Xiao searched the city in a remote section of the cinema, see the midnight screenings. Always love art film he has long been accustomed to, even in the schedule, want to see a film of this kind also requires effort. When he saw it, there were no more than ten people in the theater. Beijing University of professional writers Xiao Yang said, because the need to see some kind of movie art learning, they will choose to download or share the network forum, or rent a dish, "after all popular art films as commercial film is much smaller than the cinema, put it in the afternoon and night time." In May this year, director Wu Tianming’s "bainiaozhaofeng" was released at the beginning of the row of film is less than 1%. Producer Fang Li kneel row piece, the box office soared from 3 million to 80 million, however, the tablet can counter attack so little. In the China film market impact 60 billion mark of the year eager for a fight, released the "Yangtze River map" first day box office is only 200 thousand, "total box office" but also about 6000000 roadside picnic. On the surface, the row piece rate decision in the cinema. According to the content, the manager will schedule the schedule, the cast made preliminary judgments, after the release of the film according to the attendance at any time; but in essence, is dominated by the market row. Cinema Manager at the box office tasks, profitability indicators, these figures have something to do with the par value and the split ratio. According to the Convention, the domestic movie theater box office split ratio does not exceed 50%, even the same attendance, the fare is 120 yuan 3D and 50 yuan of film art film, the profit rate is higher or lower, it is self-evident. Stellar international Cineplex Anhui store manager Liu Yang said, "true 90 or 00 now rarely to see art film, he will see the" Captain America ". Our company will have a row of film, the company generally will have cooperation with the film side, the film side will be a demand for cinema. Related to the strategic east of the company相关的主题文章: