A large number of foreign students boarded Chinese sea training ship China " " assessment; Sohu – Military Channel text with map: November 12th, Chinese naval Cadet plotting chart in Zheng ship. It is reported that the ocean will practice, several foreign student in the middle on Zheng ship, and our army cadets participate in training. Zheng Hejian opened the station with the ship and naval Cadet Training Ship in November 13, jiefangjun Bao Zheng: sailing in the southern waters of Indonesia’s ship, the sailors with harsh eyes at academic students. Even the day, with the ship sailing practice more than 100 foreign naval cadets, after a preliminary system of classroom learning, gradually began to ship more. According to their professional embedded in different positions, the crew help temper the ability. In an interview with reporters Zheng ship, everywhere is the figure of students. Radar control desk, thunder professional cadet Qiu Xun seriously looking at the screen, ready to capture the target under the supervision of thunder long. The chart room, as a trainee cadets sailing sailing long command Zhang Jiarui V in the electronic chart table, a picture of a landmark painted track, every 30 minutes to the more official report on a ship position. In the bottom of the main cabin, mechanical and electrical professional Yang Shuai wearing earplugs carefully check the engine state. According to reports, in the next sailing internship, these students will participate in all navigation, observation, mechanical and electrical and other more than and 20 professional posts is rotation. "Zheng Hejian’s voyage focus is the protection of teaching in the past to change teaching." Sail training task deputy commander Xuan Lianjun said, this practice in the past "mixed management" and "teaching training" on the basis of the experience, outstanding classroom to station extension, and strive to achieve the docking voyage to the troops serving the practice.相关的主题文章: