A Nanning apartment at the dorm staff strange death! Monitoring photographed this scene! October 29th morning, Nanning City Avenue apartment 60 years old dorm staff three strange death. Surveillance video shows that he had a young man with a pull before death, and suspected quarrel. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. A dorm staff pulled the white man (left) of the arm to the apartment door surveillance video shots according to the scene, there are many buildings in Chuanjiang apartment, live more tenants. Monitoring shows that the 29 day at 2:10 in the morning, a young white man entered the apartment building where a river, on the first floor at the back and forth several parked electric vehicles. Later, he put his electric car to promote the park where there are buildings. After a few minutes 3 minutes when the white man returned to the electric car parking place to take the car away, Xiong did not appear again in the 8. According to the families of the bear introduced, bear fell at a distance of about 20 meters away from the screen shots. Police at 3:42 Xu came to the scene, followed by 120 ambulance personnel arrived, but unfortunately Xiong has died. The apartment management staff said that the white man is not their tenants here. According to a female tenant living in the 4 floor of the argument, at about 29 am on the morning of the day, he did not turn off the lights to sleep, suddenly there is a man to knock on her door. The woman said she did not know the man to knock on the door, because she did not fear any response. Subsequently, the female tenants call the dorm staff Xiong Xiong came to the phone, female tenants in the 4 floor, to persuade the man to leave. Doubt what happened in the monitoring blind spot? Family of the deceased, said the deceased was in good health, and no major problems. After the police have told their families, white men they have found. However, the family is still in doubt, the white man with the death of a bear? What happens in the blind area monitoring? October 31st, police said the case is still under investigation, did not disclose the relevant circumstances.相关的主题文章: