A serial killer is how to make the psychological Picton at the age of 57, with a pig, is considered to be the history of Canada the most horrible serial killer, the police have found the bones of 26 murdered women in his farms. This figure may be only half the number of men was arrested because of the ghosts of Picton, imprisoned, his roommate "undercover inmates" said that he would not want to kill a person, enough for 50 people to integer. Now, serial killer is no longer a strange concept. Picton before, one called Peake Lepine Canadian man killed 12 people in a school in the United States, even the serial killer is no longer news, almost every year exposed several serial killer case, at least a few people were killed and dozens of people. In China, serial killers have repeatedly stimulated our nerves. Many people commit crimes for money and power. However, this rule is clearly not set in Picton heads. Because only from the interest, this is obviously a lose lose, a victim of needless to say, the Picton also did not harvest what interests. So why did they kill? What did they bring? The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) officials psychological analysis of Rob Ressler in his book "suspected portrait" gives the answer: these people are often with illegal to seek their own emotional satisfaction, this is the reason that makes them different from ordinary people. In other words, these people are addicted to serial killers in the killings, just to meet their special emotional needs. Serial killer five: life as FBI’s psychological analysis, the main work is as Resler cases "those especially brutal depicting suspects, suspects outline", he and some other outstanding colleagues, with solid knowledge of psychology and psychiatry, only by the scene of the crime or the crime scene photos of it can roughly infer the murderer’s skin color, height, age, personality, family status, working conditions and other key information, thus greatly shorten the time and the police, the famous Hollywood movie "the silence of the lamb" is derived from his real work. In the FBI work for decades, Ressler has been concerned about the serial killer of more than and 100 notorious repute serial killer (uniform men) conducted in-depth interviews, and then wrote "suspected" portrait of a book. In the book, Ressler said, almost all of them are paranoid, or paranoid schizophrenia, or paranoid personality disorder, and common life path: 6 years ago, there was a bad mother. Six or seven years ago, the relationship between the child and the mother is the most important, this relationship will let the children know what is love. However, these serial killers, they do not have this luck. 8 years old to the age of 12, there is a bad father. In general, the early childhood is an important period for children to go out and establish relationships with peers. If your relationship is "introverted", then the relationship with my father is "Outgoing", a good father, will help children to get out and an important force to the larger world. However, the serial killer, they usually have a tyrannical father. 12 to the age of 18 years old, indulge in violent fantasies相关的主题文章: