The United States of Long Island near a small passenger plane crashed 3 people rescued 1 people missing the original title: Long Island near a small aircraft crashed 3 people were rescued 1 people missing in new network on 21 February, according to The Associated Press, the United States of New York on the evening of 20 local time 11, a small aircraft in the Gulf of Long Island crashed off the coast of New York. Police say one person has been missing on the plane so far. Reported that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said that the PA-28 small airliner crashed suddenly in the process of landing at Jefferson port that night. The crash site was 60 miles from New York. It is reported that the timing of the incident, including the driver, including 4 people. They were supposed to take the plane to Long MacArthur Airport. But when flying to the site, the pilot reported to the tower that there was a problem with the aircraft engine, and it needed an emergency landing. Reported that after the plane crashed, except 1 people are missing, the rest of the personnel have been rescued and sent to nearby medical treatment. The Federal Aviation Administration says it is investigating the specific causes of the accident, and the National Transportation Safety Board will ultimately determine the cause of the accident. Editor in chief: SN226

美国长岛附近小型客机坠毁 3人获救1人失踪   原标题:美国长岛附近一小型客机坠毁 3人获救1人失踪   中新网2月21日电 据美联社报道,美国纽约当地时间20日晚11时,一架小型飞机在纽约海岸外的长岛湾坠毁。警方称,到目前为止,机上还有一名人员失踪,正在紧张搜救中。   报道称,美国联邦航空管理局称,这架PA-28型小型客机当晚在杰斐逊港的降落过程中突然坠毁。坠机地点距离纽约市60英里。   据悉,事发时机上有包括驾驶员在内的4人。他们本来欲搭机前往长岛麦克阿瑟机场。但飞到事发地时,驾驶员向塔台报告称客机发动机出现了问题,需要紧急迫降。   报道指出,飞机坠落后,除1人至今失踪外,其余人员已经被救起并送往了附近医治疗。   美国联邦航空管理局表示正在调查事故发生的具体原因,而国家运输安全委员会将最终确定事故原因。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: