A successful local history — the "past" reading Tong Zhen – Sohu news Qianlong news earlier this year, thanks to the Xiantao newspaper Comrade Liu Guocai sent me a "past" Tong Zhen (Guangxi Normal University press, 2015 edition). I was reading an old man. Get the "past" Tong Zhen, I study, Shoubushijuan, from its "preface" to "postscript", 55 words, half a month time, verbatim reading. Musing, benefit. "Tong Zhen past" records of Xiantao through the town of local history, it mainly recorded from the end of Qing Dynasty to 1956 years, tonghaikou happened in reality, rich in content, readability, to make up for the lack of "Zhi" and "Tonghai town Mianyang county", it is worth reading! The 80 articles are divided into twelve kinds of arrangement, language story vivid, chastity, is a mere formality? Shi Zhihe, Encyclopedia of a town. I feel that there are three obvious characteristics: first, the story is strong. All the articles are in accordance with the provisions of the general compilation of Mr Gu Shaobai’s story, traced back the history of the style ". The author of the article, most of the old love and familiar with over seventy years of age, Haikou is their common director, but the age does not forgive, the aging of organs, memory loss, slow and inadequate, as they do work difficulties and obstacles. However, 41 of them, to overcome many difficulties and obstacles, fine interviews, often writing, not to mind taking the trouble modification, finally according to the story, traced back the history "written exercise requirements. The book is read, Sylvia is indeed the story, Sylvia is history, Sylvia is named zhenrenzhenshi, are in line with the "people" and "events", "time" and "location" and "reason", "the" six requirements. Many articles, I have read several times and want to read, because it is too strong, too attractive. For example, Gu Zong Zuan wrote 10 articles (not including his text, note) has strong narrative characteristics. His "flood" a text, from the title is to write a flood, but the actual story is written in the flood. The water flooded farmland, flood destroyed houses, floods and dry land for adult snakes. To compile this paper written in primary school and junior high school in the flood of the exam, written in the animal protection transfer "a" (Book Language, refers to the domesticated pigs) is bitten by the snake. The entrance examination was admitted after the boat bumps in the tempestuous waves to Xiantao Mianyang town middle school. The author in the "flood" in the story, explain the water and spray, cadres to help the masses transfer materials, concerned about their safety, care about the health of the masses, adhere to the government organization senior high school entrance examination in the flood, to ensure their children to go to school, the full performance of the Communist Party of China and the people’s government for the people to do practical things, and people and policy the relationship between cadres policy and yushuiqingshen. The other 79 articles either write write or write personal, social, politics, education, medical writing business from farming, or rush street theatre are speeding, story telling, according to "tell the story, traced back the history" in the style of the record, no one is not a story, no story from history. So the story is traced back the history "," history "of the law through the town!相关的主题文章: