A taste of the news! Men’s mobile phone out of the toilet to reach out to hand out the toilet card all night because there is no one else in the house, for help without a door, it was stuck one night, fortunately, the neighbors woke up in the morning to hear his cries for help, to help the police. Finally, the use of the demolition of the Dongping squadron broke the toilet basin. Huizhou city Huicheng district fire brigade brigade Dongping squadron 14 briefing on the morning of 14, they got together toilet card hand alarm, is still something fell into the toilet after they dig into the hand, it stuck to move, the difference is the main reason is to live alone, was stuck in the toilet on the ground for a night. Dongping 14 squadron received the alarm call at 6:40 in the morning, CITIC City residents in the vicinity of 9 waterfront building people trapped in the toilet, Dongping squadron dispatched a six car rushed to the scene disposal. To the scene found out that it was a man mobile phone off the toilet, so the man will reach out to Amoy, the jammed elbow pumping out. The results of his whole body couldn’t stick to the toilet floor, unable to move, then began to call for help, a neighbor heard at five o’clock, more than six confirmed trapped floors, and alarm. The trapped himself, he drank some wine in the evening, more than 2 midnight on the toilet, accidentally fell into the toilet on the mobile phone, because no other people at home, help without the door, was stuck for a night, but the morning neighbor woke up and heard his cries for help, to help the police. Finally, the use of the demolition of the Dongping squadron broke the toilet basin will be rescued, trapped people’s hands have swollen. It is reported that Huizhou has been at least 5 times in a period of time the toilet card incident. Hand into the toilet is basically the reason that things fall into the toilet hole, some mobile phones, some soap, basically have to hand in are very easy to get stuck, why? Look forward to a report: fire officers and soldiers told reporters: mobile phone out of the toilet, there are still a lot of people’s first reaction is to start fishing, do not do so. There have been many cases before, that is, many people did not get a cell phone, the hand was stuck. Because ceramic is smooth, so hand in is not difficult, but no matter or squatting toilet, the pipes are curved, when the hand is easy to be jammed, and because the skin will be more smooth, more cards tight, you don’t come out. So if the items fall into the toilet or bathroom sewer, do not use hand to go fishing, you can use some tools to salvage, if not, or to find the best professionals or firefighters to help with. And the most critical point is that the toilet as far as possible not to play with the phone, harmful. The | Guangzhou Daily reporter Qin Zhongyang correspondent He Shulong | editor of Guangzhou daily media相关的主题文章: