A woman in Jiangxi with agricultural household welfare transfer – do false fined Beijing Beijing September 22 Ganzhou Xinhua (Ye Zhiwei Huang Xiaomei) rural Hukou what are the benefits? Let a woman in Jiangxi Ganzhou at the "grafting" means illegal profit for a fake ID? In September 22nd, Anyuan County, Jiangxi Province Public Security Bureau of Ganzhou City Xin Shan household registration police station to apply for identity cards in the process of the masses, found and dealt with together impersonation information to handle ID card case. According to the police, the day of a named Ouyang a woman came to the police station for Xin Shan residence, ID card, household registration police in the verification of the National Portrait application sharing service platform found work, Ouyang and another citizen xiemoumou photos are the same, but the account information is not the same person. After careful comparison of the information, the police realized that Ouyang may be suspected of illegal. Police immediately asked Ouyang, Ouyang had to tell the truth. Ouyang is the original Mouben non-agricultural household, but she wants to enjoy the benefits of agricultural accounts, will come up with a "coup", in an attempt to apply certain information agriculture accounts for a leaf identity ID with your own photos, and to receive identity cards, fraudulent use of identity information and then leaves Moumou receive compensation of landless peasants. And for the rural social security. The police confirmed that Ouyang a fraudulent use of identity information Moumou leaves for identity cards, on Ouyang was criticized, and in the public security punishment 200 yuan of. (end)相关的主题文章: