After the two explosion, Samsung Note7 confirmed that it will suspend shipments – Sohu digital [mobile china news] after a series of two explosions, Samsung finally made an official response. According to Reuters, Samsung said in a statement: Galaxy Note7 shipments have been delayed because of the product quality is being further tested." Prior to the scene of the two explosion of the scene, the Samsung Note7 into a grenade after the destruction of a large degree, was severely burned. Prior to the first explosion, because the user does not use the original charger caused, but it is unclear why the second explosion. At present, a series of explosions for Samsung Note7 should not affect the small. First of all, the delay in shipment quality testing will certainly affect the sales of the aircraft, and now is in the upcoming release of iPhone 7, this accident is obviously fatal. In addition, Samsung Note7 in addition to iris recognition function, enhance the configuration and design, by the outside world a lot of praise, but the explosion occurred, it is bound to allow users to lose confidence in Samsung again. Maybe this is just a little Disasters pile up on one another., reputation and accident, distressed Samsung seconds.相关的主题文章: