After Wanda cinema to distribute the target force the game to become Tencent NetEase "game industry growth rate is second only to the film industry, so far this year 25% growth rate may be higher than the film industry." Wanda cinema President Ceng Maojun said in an interview, the next step, the company will distribute in the game of merger integration, including overseas mergers and acquisitions, through this channel extends to the game, the next 2 years to 3 years, perhaps the game margin will be equivalent to the profit margin of Wanda cinema. The evening of August 29th, Wanda cinema released in 2016 this year, during the reporting period, Wanda cinema revenue 5 billion 722 million yuan, up 64.12% over the previous year; a net profit of 805 million yuan, up 28.05% over the previous year. It is worth mentioning that the first half of non box office revenue accounted for up to 32% Wanda cinema, 12 percentage points higher than in 2015 20%, far higher than the industry level, has been very close to the North American market developed level (about 35%). Ceng Maojun said in an interview with reporters, the Future Ltd merger is an important factor to keep the sustained and rapid growth, we present several plates are looking for acquisition opportunities, and intermediary organizations has maintained close contact, M & a team has not stopped. To improve the non box office revenue accounted for the first half of this year, although non box office revenue proportion increased to 32%, but in the eyes of Ceng Maojun, until the non box office revenue accounted for more than 50%, the transformation and upgrading of Wanda cinema is completed. Scale is very important, but the income of the cinema is a ceiling, only around the film, members do addition, made into a film ecosystem, the future income will not be the ceiling." Ceng Maojun said, "the chairman (Wang Jianlin) said the goal for the company, the annual target is small target, this year’s goal is to enhance the income, while the proposed last year Wanda in the games, derivatives, drainage and other aspects of the interaction of the action of landing". "Game" is the very high frequency of Ceng Maojun’s interview this year mentioned. He said, the next step of the game distribution business, Wanda will become the issue of very large companies, the game business, Wanda in the next 2 years to 3 years the short-term goal is to become a Tencent, the NetEase after the industry third. The concern is that in view of the fact that Wanda cinema wants to increase speed and scale expansion, so the integration of upstream and downstream business very seriously, "member +" film ecosystem diversified development, transformation strategy is to accelerate the expansion of the scale of the Wanda cinema. According to Wanda cinema interim report shows that as of the end of June 2016, Wanda cinema has 60 million active members, these members to close to 50%, the contribution rate of 85% Wanda cinema box office. In the future to do segments, members more valuable." Ceng Maojun said, for example, in the company’s mergers and acquisitions time network platform, this year, Warcraft derivatives revenue reached 120 million yuan – between $150 million. In addition, the film screen advertising costs low, high profit, is an important source of non box office revenue. According to Ceng Maojun revealed that last year’s revenue is 277 million yuan fashion, this year will certainly be more than $1 billion, which will quickly enhance the non box office revenue. Accelerate the expansion of mergers and acquisitions.相关的主题文章: