The central bank officials in public holidays by the party warning as central bank governor Assistant Beijing News (reporter Wang Shu) last night, the Commission publicly exposed six central and state organs and cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight, 6 central and state organs leading cadres have been named, a year ago as central bank assistant governor of the Party committee, Yang Ziqiang column. Yang Ziqiang "public funds over the Dragon Boat Festival" the Commission informed that: May 30, 2014 to June 2nd, Yang Ziqiang and their families after the Dragon Boat Festival in Qingdao, in Qingdao City branch training center, Qingdao Central Branch of people or articles accompanied by family members, relatives of Yang Ziqiang in the local to the Training Center for dinner. Related food and beverage, accommodation costs a total of 14473 yuan to use public funds to pay. In June 16, 2016, Yang Ziqiang paid the relevant fees. Yang Ziqiang by the party warning. Beijing News reporter noted that Yang Ziqiang since March 2015, served as assistant governor of the central bank, the Party committee, previously served as president of Ji’nan branch, party secretary and director of the State Administration of foreign exchange, Shandong branch. The "public dragon boat", occurred during his tenure as the State Administration of foreign exchange branch secretary of Shandong Province, to give him the "pay" units in the territory of Shandong, Qingdao branch of the training center. The other 5 were named the central and state organs and cadres are former Secretary Mao Zhenbin Emergency Management Department of food and drug administration, China Intercontinental Press, former president Li Hongjie, former director of the Department of Justice Office of the former deputy director of the information center, Hu Yiding, Ministry of environmental protection deputy director of the Zhao Yongming radiation safety supervision department director Xiao Lianbing, Guangming Daily Office Foreign Affairs office. Commission: two on discipline problems in extravagant pleasures is the official stressed that the central and state organs is the central national governance system an important position, affecting a wide range, style construction on the road forever. Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day is approaching, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should tightly focused on the problem of extravagant pleasures, pay close attention to the invisible variation of "four winds", strengthen supervision and inspection, the timely report remind interviews found the problem immediately, the verification process, adhere to a node of a catch down, more back the more strict discipline and punishment more heavy. Typical problems are exposed. Li Hongjie, Xiao Lianbing issues involving public funds to travel according to the Commission informed Xiao Lianbing as Guangming Daily visit to Russia on project specific communication and coordination, the visit has not been confirmed Russia’s case, leading to a newspaper report has agreed with Russia to relevant public activities, without the consent of the majority of his visit to Russia during the official activities to tour. Li Hongjie used the machine learning on summer vacation at the Central Party school, and to discuss the project publicity propaganda office in Xinjiang on the grounds that the Party school classmates, friends with Dong Mou, in a "Xinjiang 6", which is only 1 days to participate in official activities, the rest of the time in the scenic spots. Now two people have been severely punished by the party, Li Hongjie was removed from office. Mao Zhenbin and Zhao Yongming to entertain public funds, public funds entertainment in May 18th last year, Mao Zhenbin in a training class, evening organize banquets, then dinner meals included in the training costs,.相关的主题文章: