Anecdote! Norway coach Roy C to seek for players to use cloth sperm a girlfriend! Norway coach Roy C to cloth for sperm Phoenix sports news Beijing on October 8th news, according to "the sun", "Marca" and a number of foreign media reported that Norway coach Toft Sander recorded a public video, I hope to be able to get C Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic’s sperm, is for his girlfriend to have players. The next generation of football genius. Toft Sander is a coach of a club called Nordstranda in Norway, and now his team record is not good, and Toft is very disappointed, he believes that his players simply can not meet his requirements. Then, the Norway coach came up with a coup. He recorded a public video, that identity, purpose and demands of their own, hoping to find Ibrahimovic and C Ronaldo, can borrow some sperm, let his players girlfriend pregnant, and then, these players girlfriends children will be gifted, to become the outstanding football player. And Toft Sander will lead a new group of players to the peak. Of course, the Norway coach’s request is almost impossible to meet, because it will give Ibrahimovic and C Luo endless trouble. Perhaps, the coach will only use this way, Tucao players dissatisfaction. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章: