Ang Lee won the BAFTA Award for Best Director Award – the first Asian entertainment Sohu Jack – Gyllenhaal and Ang Lee photo     Jack – Gyllenhaal Jack – Ang Lee Award for the Gyllenhaal Ang Lee Award [Click to enter the HD Photo] (source:   time network) UK time on Friday, hosted by the British Academy Award for the British awards ceremony held in the United states. Ang Lee, felicity Jones. Samuel, Jackson, Judi – Forster, Ricky – Weiss and other hot Outstanding Directors and actors award. Among them, Li Anping won the British Award "John – Schlesinger" award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of directors. It also makes Ang Lee the first Asian director to receive this award. The award ceremony, Ang Lee award is his cooperation in the film "Brokeback Mountain" the actor Jack Gyllenhaal, two people are friends reunion, a lot of emotion. "11 years have been released on" Brokeback, Ang Lee from Jack Gyllenhaal took over the trophy, the old man again, said two people already miss can not visit the site of Heath ledger ("Brokeback Mountain" in another actor, died on 2008). Ang Lee said that the film "Brokeback Mountain" is a very unforgettable experience for him, "this time I feel strongly that the film of the existence of God, he favored me." Jack Gyllenhaal first English movie in 1995 — Ang Lee’s "sense and sensibility" is "one of the best British film", "when you want to shoot the film director from Taiwan, you will think this is too great." Ang Lee’s latest director, "the battle of Billy – the middle of the," will be released on November 11th.相关的主题文章: