Anhui: move to Langya Mountain Scenic Area sprint "5A" since the beginning of this year, Langya Mountain Scenic Area Comprehensive Optimization and soft hardware facilities, to further improve the quality of tourism, and strive to bring visitors a better and more beautiful tourism experience, full sprint national "5A" area. Landscape quality assessment report is to declare the pre conditions of 5A tourist attractions. The sprint of "5A", "Lang invited Chuzhou history experts on landscape quality report writing draft revised refining, please professional company filmed the landscape quality report of the image data, create office to assist the preparation of the report on the collection of relevant information and guidance units to complete the report layout. At present, the high quality report has been completed. The construction of signage system is the necessary condition for the creation of national 5A tourist attractions. Lang led the main leadership Committee, the number of domestic 5A class tourist attractions to learn to study, learn from their successful experience in establishing design units and through interviews with professional qualifications, good reputation, has rich experience in Mopai and selection. Currently, Langya mountain logo logo design has started bidding procedures. Adhere to the planning guide. At present, has completed a comprehensive control program of 13 North regional environmental planning, is to improve the national 5A level tourist attractions to create the Langya mountain scenic area to enhance the planning and implementation of the program, the Langya Mountain National Forest Park forest Phoenix Lake scenic area overall planning, detailed planning, detailed planning Feng Leting scenic area, and start planning of Langya mountain scenic spot area. Key projects continue to improve tourism service facilities. In the complete zuiwengting center view, show deep lake scenic area, Langya Road, scenic toilet upgrading on the basis of comprehensively promote the Langya mountain pine, Weng Tan, smell the teacher tower and other attractions to enhance the construction and renovation projects; to determine the north gate to zuiwengting trail line planning, while speeding up the North gate of the visitor center control preliminary work list price and bidding, the year is expected to start 15 key projects, total investment of 90 million yuan.相关的主题文章: