Apple mobile phone was a rare spyware threats   remote control to steal data –IT– original title: Apple’s mobile phone was a rare spyware threats can remotely steal data Canada and America network security researchers warned 25 days, they found 3 previously unknown security vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile phone operating system is a rare and complex "the spy software used to launch targeted espionage attacks on some of Apple’s mobile phone users, mobile phone remote control and steal data. Apple Corp announced the same day that the 3 security vulnerabilities have been patched, it is recommended that users update the system as soon as possible. 3 previously unknown security vulnerabilities Canada University of Toronto Munk research graduate school of global affairs under the "citizen lab" and the intelligent mobile phone security enterprise "watchmen" were released a research report by the software, a detailed description of the exposure process and principle of the spy attack. Arabia United Arab Emirates lawyer Ahmad Mansoor, 10, received a text message with a link to the web site, he told the citizen lab. Citizen lab cooperated with rye company after tracing found that if Mansoor points to open the link in the message, his mobile phone will be "jailbreak" and install a spy software. The software will use Apple’s mobile operating system 3 previously unknown security vulnerabilities, so that the attacker can manipulate the phone and get the data. Citizen lab report said: "once infected, Mansoor will become a mobile phone installed in his pocket digital spy, can use the mobile phone camera and microphone snooping around, he recorded by WhatsApp and Viber (communication software) call, send the information in the record chat software, follow his movements." The report said it was the first time to find the remote control of an operating system fully updated Apple 6 phone spyware. Known as "the most complex" spyware citizen lab and catcher said the spy software called "Pegasus", written by the suspect specializing in network war of the NSO group. The company of "Pegasus" called "the most complex spyware" as we have seen, at the same time, due to its use of Apple operating system 3 Zero Day vulnerabilities, which had previously unknown, found that the malicious use of the vulnerability. Broadcasting British Corporation quoted Alan, a network security expert, said, "zero day vulnerability," this is rare, a few of these vulnerabilities were found at a time is even more rare in the world. Due to the zero day vulnerability rare, can be found and the use of such system vulnerabilities to write attack software, in the field of cyber espionage means lucrative". According to The Associated Press, in November last year, someone bid $1 million to buy such spyware. Has released a new system to fill the gaps and the citizen lab rye company said that they are about 10 days ago the 3 security vulnerabilities notify the Apple Corp security team, get the rapid response. 25, shortly before the release of the report, Apple Corp announced that it has written for these 3 vulnerabilities patch program, and in the form of system updates相关的主题文章: