AR process ahead of schedule? Inventory of BAT strong layout in the field of AR technology this paper | Sohu Yang Junjun called AR (augmented reality), is the real information and virtual world overlay, and makes them interactive. In other words, AR technology not only allows virtual objects into the real world, users can also respond to the real world. This is a kind of symbiosis (symbiont) technology, the symbiosis between machine and user. When Pokemon Go (Pokemon) in Australia and the United States popular, AR technology can not hide behind the glory, we know that almost all Internet Co are pouring in, Google, Facebook, apple, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and so on. But these companies want to seize a ticket under the technical innovation at the same time, also for fear of their own in the "next time" as NOKIA or YAHOO. After all, the elephant fell also ran as rutting. According to market research firm Digi Capital released data show that a quarter of the global total AR VR invest $1 billion 700 million, nearly $1 billion from Chinese. By 2020, AR market size will reach $120 billion, well above the $30 billion VR. At the same time, such as Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, Tencent CEO for the field of AR technology will undoubtedly increase the magic of this new technology. It can be said that almost all the people in the Internet industry, at this stage, who can master the latest AR technology, and be able to put into use, who was launched in 2007 iPhone 1 Jobs. How, who don’t want to be the next Jobs. It is on this basis, Internet Co invested in AR technology are also a lot of people as a very important key point in the future layout, the most direct response is reflected in the value of the stock, after McDonald’s announced Pokemon and Go cooperation, on the second day stock price rose 10%, this can be almost with AlphaGo and Li Shishi after the war, Google shares soaring comparable. So, for all of the Internet Co, in the AR layout can say is: on the one hand can shoot two hawks with one arrow from the capital market vested interest, can now enjoy the dividends; the other is based on the future investment, enhance the anti risk ability of their own. It is precisely because of this, we can see, including BAT, including the AR technology can not wait. Here to take a look at the layout of the three giants in the field of BAT: Baidu: AR image recognition technology is its biggest advantage in August of this year, Baidu officially released the mobile terminal AR platform DuSee. According to the official introduction, DuSee using computer vision and deep learning technology to understand the real-time image in what, the platform can be through the intelligent mobile phone hardware to "understand" the real world of the 3D environment, which can make the interactive image generated by the mobile phone and the real world, the future can be used in interactive advertising, marketing, education"相关的主题文章: