To ensure the safety of Taizhou should be transferred as the roof: thorough investigation of geological hazard point recently, Tiantai County, Chicheng Street office director Shi Chen came to the West in cold village geological disaster point again, and together with the inspection team one by one to write down each hidden, and then analyze and formulate corrective measures, and to implement the relevant responsible personnel. Just 3 months ago, the village of high lying Yu aunt doorstep after the sudden collapse of the open space, the way blocked, after more than 1 hours of rescue, aunt Yu was safe transfer. In order to avoid the risk of recurrence, late September 28th, aunt Yu was an emergency transfer. 17:35 on September 28th, Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Lishui city Suichang County landslides, the county government attaches great importance to the roof, other requirements. The county held an emergency defense meeting, once again at night to mobilize the township (street) to expand the geological disaster points, unstable slope of the transfer of personnel. Day 23, water, land and other departments composed of 6 inspection teams to the large rainfall, Longxi street, Shi Liang, Lei Feng, Nanping, Yong Xi and other 6 towns, 12 inspection of the geological disaster point, 7 unstable slopes in the implementation of personnel transfer. As of the next morning, the geological hazards everywhere, unstable slopes should be transferred to the 100 people have been relocated. On the morning of September 29th, the county sent a flood prevention and inspection station security risk inspection team 6, the county’s geological disaster prevention and control of flood safety point of the station again full supervision. The county water resources, flood typhoon and heavy rainfall, easily lead to flood disasters and geological disasters small watershed, there are currently 116 affected village of mountain flood disasters, geological disaster point 28, 18 unstable slopes, flood prevention pressure. According to statistics, the county has built flood prevention and disaster prevention center, a total of 270, of which the flood prevention and Disaster Prevention Center 17, village flood prevention disaster prevention center 253, temporary disaster 39101. Home village (community) collective house and school during the typhoon disaster as a temporary Village Center, open to the public.相关的主题文章: