The summit held to discuss the issue of Balkan refugee problem: the repatriation of refugees and the original title: (International) summit to discuss the Balkan refugees border protection and refugee repatriation on 24 September, Xinhua news agency, Vienna (reporter Liu Xiang Wang Tengfei) a one-day Balkan refugee problem summit 24 in Austria, capital of Vienna end. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Council president Tusk and other leaders attending the meeting to discuss strengthening border protection outside the EU and the European Union and Afghanistan, Pakistan and North African countries to reach agreement on issues such as the repatriation of refugees. Tusk stressed to the media before the meeting, we must ensure that the West Balkan route for illegal immigrants will be closed forever, must effectively control the external border. The central issue is that the Balkan countries and Turkey have worked closely with each other. Prime Minister Kern at the press conference held after the meeting also stressed the importance of strengthening the EU’s external border protection in Austria. He said the need to further strengthen the European border authority, if necessary, the deployment of armed forces at the border. Kern is expected, EU may soon reach an agreement with the Afghan repatriation. In addition, the EU and Mali and Niger and other countries of the transfer of refugees in the relevant agreement is under negotiation. According to the Austrian news agency reported, after Merkel said, "our goal is to make as much as possible to prevent illegal immigration". She said, did not get the chance of asylum must strengthen the refugee repatriation work, and therefore should be North African countries as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan quickly reached a repatriation agreement, but also with Egypt and other African countries to reach a cooperation with the EU to solve the refugee crisis in Turkey agreement similar agreements. Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, Hungarian prime minister Orban, the European Commission in charge of immigration, internal affairs and civil affairs Yoav Lamo Pross, and Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and other leaders attended the summit. (end) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: