Beidou satellite navigation system Beidou experts in Hong Kong about "past and present" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong (reporter Xie Xiyu) in September 25, the Beidou satellite navigation system research and development experts, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Institute Dr. Xu Ying photoelectric 25 in Hongkong as the "Beidou satellite navigation" change our lives of lectures, development process and application for more than one thousand of Hongkong introduced the audience and explain the Beidou system. According to Xu Ying introduction, Beidou satellite navigation system is a self-developed global satellite navigation system, has its own satellite navigation system is essential for national security and economic and social development. She also said that the country has gradually formed the development road of the satellite navigation system of the three step development strategy, that is the end of 2000, built Beidou system, to provide services to Chinese; by the end of 2012, built Beidou No. two system, to provide services to the Asia Pacific region; plans to build the Beidou global system in 2020, providing services to the world. Xu Ying said that in the Beidou constellation design, we adhere to the "best" principle, "there is no need to always used"; she also said that before the atomic clock technology belongs to the foreign monopoly, now using a self-developed Beidou atomic clock, reached the world advanced level of spaceborne atomic clock. Xu Ying also from ten aspects of fishing vessels shipping, precise timing, earthquake relief, transport and logistics, weather monitoring, intelligent driving test, forest fire, intelligent agriculture, animal care and protection, etc. on the Beidou System in current and future economic development, the application of daily life. Xu Ying also talked about the exchange recently with the Hongkong students, praise them full of creativity and vitality, and full of interest in science and technology, "they are the future of Hongkong," Hongkong hopes that more young people can join in scientific research institutions. By the Hongkong Solidarity Fund sponsored by the eight day of opening of "caike Expo 2016" 24 at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, to the people of Hongkong to show the latest achievements in advanced science and technology in 50 countries, a number of top scientists in the conference to share their experiences and stories.相关的主题文章: