Beijing two suites down payment up to 70%: the luxury market will become the two suites for identification is the focus of the disaster area Wang Ying Beijing City 930 new deal. Non ordinary residential two suites down payment as high as 70%. The provisions of the new deal, to have 1 sets of housing residents to buy home, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial housing loans to individuals of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loans, the first payment of not less than 50%, the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment of not less than 70%. Previously, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, identified two suites as "credit recognition does not recognize the real", has a housing and home loans have been settled respective families to improve their living conditions to re apply for loans to buy commercial housing, the implementation of the first suite loan policy. In other words, if there is a housing, but no loans, the purchase of two homes, you can enjoy the first suite of loan policy. In accordance with the provisions of the implementation of Beijing, will be the housing and credit recognition policy, as long as the family name of housing purchase again regardless of whether there are two loans, executive suites Shoufu ratio. Beijing Housing Association Secretary General Chen Zhi said that the move is more clearly differentiated credit policy. After all, the family already owns a house, there are only two reasons for buying again, one is improvement, two is investment. And the lack of housing purchase housing, compared to the more need for loan support, there should be a guarantee order. That is, lending priority to support non housing families to buy housing, and then to improve demand, while the demand for speculative investment is firmly suppressed." Central Plains real estate analyst Zhang Dawei believes that this means that all the basic Beijing luxury customers, all need 70% shoufu. Centaline Property Research Center statistics show: Beijing total price of more than 10 million high-end property transactions in 2016 for the first time in history 4000, is expected to last year will reach 5000 sets of the above. In 2015, there were only 3111. I love my vice president Hu Jing Hu Jinghui read, "the Beijing City 930 new deal, the future for the Beijing real estate market is expected to stabilize, eliminate panic, stabilize prices will play an immediate role for the regulation of real estate nationwide will also play a positive role model." He analyzed that "a new supply is back to 9070, increase the supply of owner occupied housing, from the land auction and the pre-sale permit issued by the double control of new home sales prices, the overall luxury houses to avoid, low-priced commercial housing supply and the structure. The two is based on the first set, two sets of ordinary and non ordinary loans, Shoufu ratio is divided into four files, to avoid the excessive use of leverage and excessive real estate purchase, take care of home-based demand. Three are housing, land, development, industry and commerce, banking, local taxation, network, information, multi pronged, comprehensive regulation, unprecedented strength." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

北京二套房首付最高达七成:豪宅市场将成重灾区   王营   这次北京市930新政中对于二套房的认定也是社会关注的焦点。非普通住宅二套房首付高达七成。   新政规定,对拥有1套住房的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通自住房的,无论有无贷款记录,首付款比例均不低于50%,购买非普通自住房的,首付款比例不低于70%。   此前,按照国家的相关规定,二套房的认定为“认贷不认房”,对拥有一套住房并已结清相应购房贷款的家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请贷款购买商品房,执行首套房贷款政策。也就是说,如果已有一套住房,但没有贷款,购买二套住房时可以享受首套房贷款政策。按照此次北京规定,执行的将是“认房又认贷”的政策,即只要该家庭名下有房,再次购房时无论是否还有贷款,执行的都是二套房的首付比例。   北京市房协秘书长陈志表示,此举是更加明确差异化的信贷政策。“毕竟,家庭已经拥有一套住房的,再次购房只有两种原因,一是改善,二是投资。而无房家庭购买住房,相比之下则更需要贷款支持,应该有一个先后保障的次序。即贷款优先去支持无房家庭购买住房,然后才是改善型需求,而投资投机的需求则坚决要抑制。”   中原地产分析师张大伟认为,这意味着北京基本所有豪宅客户,全部需要70%首付。   中原地产研究中心统计数据显示:北京总价1000万以上高端物业成交在2016年历史首次突破了4000套,预计前年将达到了5000套以上。而在2015年只有3111套。   我爱我家副总裁胡景胡景晖解读成,“此次北京市930新政,未来对于北京房地产市场稳定预期,消除恐慌,平抑房价会起到立竿见影的作用,对于全国的房地产调控也会起到积极的示范作用。”   他分析认为,“一是新房供应重回90 70,加大自住型商品房供应,从土地招拍挂和预售证核发方面双控新房销售价格,整体避免新房的豪宅化,从结构上加大中低价商品房供应。二是按首置,二套和普通,非普把贷款首付比例划分成四档,避免了过度使用杠杆炒房和过度购房,照顾了自住型需求。三是住建,国土,发改,工商,银监,地税,网信,新闻办多管齐下,综合调控,力度空前。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: