Belly itch scratch two? Pregnant women can not do it! Mother and daughter of the original welcome to share the forwarding of the Sohu, media reprint please contact the author! The doctor about dove, bred from pregnancy to birth day, there will always be some pregnant women will feel belly itch. Autumn weather is dry, is a high incidence of various skin diseases, so, for pregnant women, autumn is a tough season. Most people think that pregnant women belly itch is not a big problem, if you really feel itchy, scratch two under the good, is it true? The truth will tell you: scratch, and their children will have an accident. Many reasons for the cause of pruritus in pregnant women, for different situations, we must adopt a different solution, not all problems are simple two can be solved. After being stretched pregnant pregnant, pregnant women secrete, immune system will change. Abdominal skin will be uterine stretch, skin elastic fibers were opened, forming stretch marks, formation of stretch marks area will itch feeling. Many mothers in the presence of the itch sensation always can not help but want to catch, can relieve an itch. Do you know, the more itch the more scratch, the more scratch the itch, it is a vicious cycle. In this case, pregnant women should increase the elasticity of the skin through the diet, but also pay attention to diet, to ensure that the body does not appear excessive growth. More than 10% of pregnant women with skin diseases will have skin problems during pregnancy. In addition to skin itching, there will be no other problems, and will not affect the baby. If pregnant women have skin disease, you can use salt water wipe, has very good convergence and antipruritic effect. At the same time, but also to reduce the intake of irritating ingredients. Eczema during pregnancy is most commonly seen in pregnant women with relatively strong metabolism and obese pregnant women. In addition to belly itch, the arm and thigh may also appear itching symptoms, and some will appear pigmentation. Pregnant women eczema caused by pruritus, the best solution is to use a mild moisturizing products, such as lotion, massage cream etc.. Cholestasis of pregnancy cholestasis will make bile acid and bilirubin to anti blood, finally the skin pruritus caused by pregnant women. If you suffer from pregnancy have fatty liver symptoms will direct danger to the baby and mother safe. If the symptoms of cholestasis in pregnant women, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to determine whether the presence of abnormal liver function. If there is abnormal liver function, it is necessary to undergo a complete hepatobiliary examination to determine the final solution. There are different reasons for the emergence of skin itching in pregnant women, the consequences may vary. Some need to attract enough attention, otherwise it will affect the baby’s mother’s health and safety. Do not blindly scratch. If not handled properly, it is likely to cause skin damage, causing bacterial infection. Original articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced dove doctor, family doctor around you, more child care health knowledge, please pay attention to micro signal: [air863], micro-blog: @ dove doctor相关的主题文章: