Samsung S8 next January open test: it refers to the turning of Samsung in the second half of this year seems to play a carrot, Samsung Note7 fried end followed by washing machine began to fry, Samsung in the global scope to S7 Edge as the main selling mobile phone products. Seeing immediately to the annual MWC, it is estimated that Samsung all waiting for next year’s Samsung S8 turned over. From the Korean media reported that the Samsung supplier will send the first Samsung S8 test in January next year, according to this rhythm, the Samsung S8 should have been in trial production line. As everyone knows, the Samsung S series new year release time on the eve of MWC, the 2017 MWC conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 27th – March 2nd, so Samsung S8 is more likely to be released in February 25 or 26 days. But there have also been news that, because of this year’s burning loss event, Samsung S8 is also possible to delay the release of specific time points to the 2017 of April. In addition, the artificial intelligence function hot is expected to achieve in S8.相关的主题文章: