Brewing assets integration   China Railway China Railway Bureau to carry out the suspension of two – Finance – People’s network of SOE reform programmatic document released on the occasion of the central enterprises to accelerate the integration and reorganization. Yesterday, the guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as guidance) was officially issued for the reform of state-owned enterprises set the main tone. Quite coincidentally, in the evening, China Railway and railway two bureau announced a major asset integration due to planning matters suspension, the central enterprises listed companies to become the latest capital operation case. In fact, including China Railway and railway two bureau, there are more than 40 central enterprises listed companies in a suspended state, many of which are in the sea, COSCO and other central enterprises have been concerned about the market integration program. From the announcement, China Railway and China Railway two bureau of the suspension of planning a major asset integration matters considerable imagination. Public information, China Railway and China Railway two bureau belong to the same system, in which China Railway directly affiliated with the China Railway Engineering Corporation, while China Railway is the indirect control of the railway company’s two shareholders. Although China iron and iron two bureau did not disclose the asset integration program details, however, took office in July this year from Chinese Zhang Zongyan railway president at the beginning to two bureau of China Railway Survey, it is not difficult to see that the potential space plan. In August 12th, the office only a month Zhang Zongyan went to China Railway two bureau of investigation, and proposed to strengthen strategic management, ensure the operation of market regulation; to give full play to the advantages of a listed company, bigger and stronger enterprises, the construction of China Railway two bureau of iron China become leading enterprises. China Railway two bureau chairman Wang Guangzhong introduced the basic situation of institutional history, China Railway two bureau set up, team structure, business, assets and capital operation to the Zhang Zongyan line, and in recent years the business operation situation, advantages and problems of enterprise development, the first half of 2015 to promote the work, the next step measures request China in helping work carried out a detailed report. Reporters also noted that in the China in 2015 semi annual report, the chairman Li Changjin also gave an impassioned speech, said: "the 12th Five-Year" global ending soon, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, just unfolding infrastructure construction, the reform of state-owned enterprises "1+N" plan ready. China railway will continue to seize opportunities, bigger and stronger, to do better. In the industry view, China Railway and China Railway two Bureau on the timing of the suspension is just right. Guidance issued on the one hand for the direction of the integration of assets, on the other hand also fully open the curtain of SOE reform, China Railway and railway two bureau is expected to get more market sought after. The reporter noted that since the second half of the year, the state-owned enterprise reform trend gradually, many central enterprises listed companies have already begun plans to suspend planning major events. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, there are more than 40 listed companies in the central enterprises in a suspended state, and the reasons for the suspension of the vast majority of planning for major events. China Railway and China Railway two bureau at the same time the suspension is similar to many of the central enterprises listed companies is also a group of suspension, a number of linkage相关的主题文章: