Cai Wen was arrested again big game Sifu lawyer said it to more than the drug almost "Sifu brother Cai Wen by the police police investigation against PW, its partner people were arrested in Chongqing" small investigation, Hu Xiaowei has been arrested, Cai Wen still escape." In September, the game industry, the former Jiangsu 1000 Storage Network Technology Co. founder Chen Rongfeng face reporters in Nandu, "said Cai Wen", "Hu Xiaowei" the two names. Cai Wen, the reputed game Sifu circle hackers, has created the myth flourishes, there has been a police crackdown and disappeared. His ups and downs, and the game Sifu "rivers and lakes" are inextricably linked. 2002, located in Italy, the legend of the game server in the early English version of the source code for the installation of the source code, this time, it is a grand agency operations in the legend of the high light moment. Many people use various channels to obtain these disclosure procedures, in the network game server "legend" kangaroo. Pandora’s box open, PW arena which opened. If managers wantonly Denver, hackers wantonly extortion, even the game developers and operators also authorized the issue to court because of it. At that time, Cai Wen and Hu Xiaowei or legend of the players in the army. They did not expect that, after a few years, they will become the legendary character of the leading role, the wealth and lawsuit also followed. Recently, they once again become the target of police arrest. Six provinces off network access to the data of Nandu supremacy. Cai Wen, born in December 1985, Jiangsu Province Haimen Haimen town Qinghai village, since July 2004, after graduating from high school, has been unemployed at home, addicted to online games, game "legend" game. In March 2007, Cai Wen took to fellow Shao Zheyu, bought a few computer, the home of the house as the office, the start of the legendary advertising agency business. The game industry veteran observers Chu Yunfan south are reporters, it set up the price is very cheap, so a large number of servers, derived from advertising website number of PW is also very large, resulting in the PW advertising agency this occupation. We do this advertising agency, the industry is not well-known, in order to get the release of the station’s advertising agency, only by way of attack so that they compromise." According to the previous Cai Wen readme, in April 2007, he changed the strategy, the formation of the night attack team, the use of hacking, attack refused to provide their own advertising agency release station. "It is the Shun, Chang, who died, when I was attacked, the site after the paralysis, the other left an e-mail, very expensive charges." Liu Wen (a pseudonym) said. He was once a PW advertising station operators, can not afford to pay "protection money", was forced to withdraw from the market. Cai Wen’s behavior also caused the attention of the police. November 2008, on suspicion of illegal business crime, Cai Wen Hubei Public Security Bureau on the Internet wanted. Subsequently, Cai Wen from Haimen fled to Chongqing, where he began with Hu Xiaowei incursion. Hu Xiaowei was born in Jiangsu, Suqian相关的主题文章: