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General Administration of quality inspection sampling of 45 batches of new network new network in October 34 batch of deposit blanket quality safety risk – in 9, according to the quality inspection administration website news, quality inspection administration today issued a blanket quality safety risk warning. Quality Inspection Administration recently collected from the market 45 batches of samples for testing electric blanket. The results showed that 34 batches of sample quality and safety risks, may cause a fire, causing burns, electric shock, etc.. Quality Inspection Administration said the electric blanket is a kind of direct contact with the human body electric heating appliance. The utility model has the advantages that the electric heating element which is specially designed and the insulation performance meets the requirements can be woven into or sewn into the blanket, and the heat can be released through the power supply to achieve the purpose of heating. The blanket contact with the body for a long time, easy to fold, and commonly used in the night special time and environment, the electric blanket is manufacturing household appliances more of the accident report. The electric blanket product possible personal injury and property loss, quality inspection of product quality supervision department recently organized a blanket product quality and safety risk monitoring. A total of 45 batches of samples were collected from the market, and the input power and current, heat, moisture resistance, mechanical strength, structure, heat resistance and flame resistance were tested. The results showed that 34 batches of samples have quality and safety risks. Among them, 8 batches of power deviation limit over the standard, may be due to the heating element, power line or other components overheating caused when using fire; 15 batches of heating temperature is higher than the standard limit, due to the direct contact with the blanket with the human body, the temperature is too high will cause burns; 8 batches of electrical breakdown test the strength of the water immersion test, because not to take effective measures of protection of electric blanket after immersion in water saturated condition, insulation failure, will lead the user to the risk of electric shock; 30 batches appear broken or damaged insulation wire heating element, heating element fault may cause short-circuit spark caused by fire, and the insulation damage may directly cause users to electric shock; 18 there is no measures to prevent batch fold, fold the blanket use will cause local temperature is too high, deposit Hidden danger of fire. General Administration of quality inspection prompt consumers, in the purchase and use of electric blankets products, should pay attention to the following points: one is that the purchase of electric blanket products in supermarkets or shopping malls and other formal channels, try to avoid buying unreasonable low price products. Two is not to buy no QS logo, no brand models, no manufacturers, no warning signs of the product. The three is to try not to use direct contact with the human body, and do not use other heat sources such as hot water bags, before going to sleep to cut off the power supply, to avoid overheating damage. Four don’t put sharp objects in the blanket, you should often check, to avoid folding, pleating phenomenon. Five is for the non washable logo products, no washing. Six if the electric blanket wear, broken wire, short circuit do not heat the abnormal situation, should immediately stop using, return to the dealers for repair, do not dismantle and repair, to prevent the occurrence of danger.相关的主题文章:

Oppo is a foregone conclusion this year – Sohu Technology-ca1816

OPPO wins the championship this year is a foregone conclusion – the Sohu of science and technology in October, the latest data released by the well-known research institutions IDC, first quarter of this year, shipments of OPPO and vivo in Chinese market reached million and million, for the first time to become the championship Chinese market, HUAWEI, millet and apple are in place. Then, after 3 months of fighting, who will become the China intelligent mobile phone sales champion? According to the old Ji IDC in the first three quarters of the data to do a summary, surprising results: mobile phone manufacturers in the first 3 quarters of total shipments (million units) OPPO 5390 HUAWEI vivo 4750 Apple millet old Hebei found that OPPO has the HUAWEI narrowly million. So, HUAWEI is likely to force in the first quarter, once again return to the first? The hope should be very small, let us look at OPPO and HUAWEI in the first quarter of this year growth: 2016 first quarter year-on-year growth rate of OPPO 106.1% HUAWEI 5.1% we can see that the growth of OPPO is a thousand li a day the third quarter of this year, but also July wins while chasing, launched a total sales of 10m R9 upgraded version of the R9s. The third quarter of this year, HUAWEI is standing still, only quarter enlarged move. February, HUAWEI released for the young consumer groups of Nova product line; July, HUAWEI glory also released a thousand machine glory play 6X; at the beginning of the month, HUAWEI will also release business flagship Mate 9. Several heavy bombs hit down, hoping to have a good harvest. However, from the point of view of probability, OPPO annual shipments surpass HUAWEI and the possibility of winning the title, is far greater than the possibility of HUAWEI catch up from behind. We look at the recent IDC years shipments data: Champion year champion shipments (million) in 2014 2015, millet millet old Hebei is expected to OPPO and HUAWEI in the first quarter of this year’s new release density and promotional efforts, the two shipments this year are expected to exceed million units. With last year’s champion millet shipments (million units) will grow a large cut. Then look at the following data: 2016Q3 2015Q3 1-3 percentage increase in market share of 49.9% 43.1% +6.8 4-5 market share 15.8% 17.8% -2.0 read the above data: the old Hebei be startled at the first 3 quarters of this year the top three shipments market share is about to break 50%! 6.8 percentage points soared over the same period last year, the percentage is seized from the hands of the 4-5, there are 4.8 percentage points is coming from outside the search. It seems that the last two years can not be on the amount of mobile phone manufacturers, only letinous edodes blue thin. IDC shipments data, in fact, mobile phone manufacturers sell channels Sale In data. Strictly speaking, the phone is only sold to the real consumer (Sale Out?相关的主题文章:

Music as the phone said its cumulative sales of 17 million units and release new music Pro3-spyair

LETV mobile phone said its total sales reached 17 million units and released new music Tencent Pro3 technology news (Li Ruchao) September 21st news release today, LETV mobile music Pro 3 mobile phone, 6GB+64GB version sold 1999 yuan, sold 1799 yuan 4GB+32GB version. From today’s appointment, at 10 on September 28th, as the mall and Tmall mall began selling. In the hardware configuration, Pro 3 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor (2.35GHz frequency, Adreno GPU 530), equipped with 6GB+64GB 4GB+32GB two memory combination; equipped with 4070mAh battery, support QC3.0 dual fast charging technology, and claimed to be "the charge for 5 minutes, 3 hours of talk". The appearance, Le Pro 3 is equipped with 5.5 inch 1080P 2.5D arc glass screen, body thickness of 7.5 mm, with gold, rose gold, silver, gray and other colors. Camera, Le Pro 3 equipped with 8M+16M front rear camera combination, allegedly phase focus 0.1 seconds, support intelligent beauty; sound system, design continued LETV two generation mobile phone headset to cancel the 3.5mm hole, supporting music as their advocacy of CDLA standard, and is equipped with dual speakers outside. According to reports, Le Pro 3 generation le 2 Pro released in April 20th of this year, that time together is the appearance of the two generation mobile phone LETV three models 2 and Max2. Among them, the music 2 Pro is divided into MediaTek X20 and X25 version, the difference between the two versions of $100, but because Meizu signed a X25 exclusive, resulting in the release of the initial version of X25 was once out of stock. While the X20 version of the Pro 2 and 2 because of music are equipped with X20 processor, to a certain extent affected the sales of Pro 2. Surprisingly, the Pro sequence in the music Pro 3 has become the first appearance of the music as the first generation of the three generation of mobile phones. It is understood that the Le Pro 3 is mainly want to win the world’s first Qualcomm snapdragon 821 production machines of the title, although ASUS yesterday released the first equipped with a Qualcomm 821 mobile phone Zenfone 3 CD, but the music is still hoping to boost its sales high 821. In addition, LETV mobile also claimed that in September 19th the "Music Festival, LETV mobile phone one day sold 1 million 178 thousand and 500 units, and the cumulative sales reached 17 million units. According to the music as mobile announced last year, 4 million units of sales, so far this year, as the music handset sales of 13 million units. And at the beginning of the year, as the music moves to set the goal of 15 million units in 2016, and now, the distance from this goal does not seem too far away. It is worth mentioning that the rapid growth in sales, on the one hand from the LETV mobile underwriting strategy: in March of this year, China Unicom announced LETV mobile with 2 million 870 thousand sets of orders; at the beginning of April, LETV Mobile announced Jingdong underwriting 3 million sets of music as mobile phone. On the other hand, LETV mobile phone "sold" and as "ecological" marketing is closely related to emerge in an endless stream. It is understood that this year’s large-scale easy to recharge!相关的主题文章:

Three phase 2016264 small arrangement prediction code and value chuhao – Sohu-midd-885

Three phase 2016264: small arrangement prediction code and value chuhao – Sohu 16263 ranked three out of 110, and the value is 2, the span is 1, the size and shape for small, parity form odd parity, mass for mass close form. 16264 arrangement of three prediction recommended: span forecast: span decline, missing 29 span 1 coming back, the last three span amplitude open 3-0-4, the main fancy and small span amplitude continued to perform. And value: the same period and low to 2 points, from the perspective of the combination model, the next 264 major bullish and value chuhao segment. Serial number: 2016263 award number contains 1 groups of even the code (01), observation of the trend from nearly 30 of the winning results, it is expected that the next phase will fall even 1 groups. Parity: three consecutive parity ratio out of 2-1, the current parity parity parity to be adjusted, this issue is concerned about the value of a substantial rebound. Quality: 262-263 phase of the quality and format of the number of consecutive awards, from the current trend of the number of awards analysis, the 264 phase of the main reference 1:2.相关的主题文章:

The real estate sector of the bucket Huaxia Investment Holdings busy words

The real estate sector of the bucket? Huaxia Investment Holdings busy words fall hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor each reporter Du Ranle in August this year, the real estate (000736, SZ) shares had a record high of nearly 24.5 yuan, than last year, A shares also mad cow fierce, despite the "inbred" once the restructuring plan unfinished, but does not prevent the stock of active. Recently, the real estate announced that its major shareholder holding more than 5% of the Hunan China Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as China investment) intends to hold 6 million shares in the next 6 months, the company’s total share capital of 2.02%. If you are not familiar with the operation of real estate investors will think this with other companies in A stock market holdings behavior there is no difference. But the "daily economic news" reporter found that Chinese investment during this period rallies large holdings of another meaning – not the right to speak, not as early as possible, what are you waiting for? 35 voted against or abstained after the reduction of real estate according to the announcement, only in October 11th and 19 of the two trading days, the Chinese Investment Holdings real estate 1 million shares and 1 million 300 thousand shares, reduction ratio were 0.336% and 0.437%, while the reduction of the average price of 14.58 yuan shares and 15.26 yuan shares. The Chinese investment intensive holdings of real estate, said publicly that China investment without the lowest price reduction in the company, "reform" and the increase commitment has been fulfilled. At present, the real estate as the largest shareholder holding 53.32% of the live in real estate, has been allocated to the others in the real estate group. The second largest shareholder holding 10.69% of the Chongqing Fu Group, the third largest shareholder holding 8.09% of the Chinese investment, the fourth largest shareholder holding less than 5% of the Xi’an Ziwei estate. The "daily economic news" reporter combing found that since the 4 major shareholders, since 2008 the implementation of the reform into the shareholding structure, has been relatively stable, but behind around the board but early decision problem. 2008 annual report shows that the real estate board seats 6 4 for the housing group and living estate, Yu Fu group and China investment accounted for 1 of board seats, one of the Chinese Investment Board on behalf of the company chairman Zhong fei. Since August 2012, Chinese investment company president Liu Zhaofeng sent his own interests in real estate as the representative of the new board of directors on behalf of the term as of 2015 August. It is understood that Liu Zhaofeng has served as director of the real estate in many motion had voted against or abstained, especially the real estate disclosure of its 2013 three quarterly, Liu Zhaofeng first questioned the authenticity of the report. The reason is that the real estate board of directors Liu Zhaofeng never take the initiative to report or disclosure of business activities and may help any information in its assessment of the operation of the company, to provide information to determine the authenticity of quarterly reports. Reporters combed found on housing相关的主题文章: