Changsha district built homes by the hundreds of owners against the original title: residential construction homes hundreds of owners against the red Changsha news October 24th afternoon of October 22nd, Changsha Furong district city, hundreds of owners in the South Building against the construction of nursing homes in the area overhead layer, the owners said that the place was in the planning the kindergarten, now turned into a nursing home. The East Street office staff explained that the original planning is land belonging to the community, the public area is not small. The east city district is located in the big three road, residential building is located in the east coast of South Street office on the north side, and a street office building. October 23rd at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter went to the door of the office of the owners of the building in the middle of the Southern District, where gathered dozens of owners rights. The owners of the Committee on the door of the three members of the contact information, one of which is Qiu Yongjun. The reporter called Qiu Yongjun’s phone, he said he was driving, inconvenience to say. Owners Peng introduced the entire area, including the south, North and commercial buildings, a total of more than and 880, of which the actual occupancy of the more than and 500. Planning in the south of the kindergarten in the south, a total of 21 south building, the top floor of the overhead layer of 5.6 meters high, one or two. Owners committee was established in September this year, the office is also in the south, when the office has been idle, the property has put some debris. The street, said the industry’s office is located in the community room, so close to go back, and to go back to do nursing homes. Owners have questioned the public area should belong to all owners, why become a street? Owners Ms. Wong said that the nursing home is called home care service day care center, I heard that the construction of 15 beds, but the developers did not say to build nursing home, if you want to build at least to seek the views of the owners. "Such a small area, seventy percent are loans to buy a house, even the activities of the residents are not, where there are elderly activities?" MS Wong said. "If the construction of nursing homes, the elderly so much, if accidentally, how do hurt,?" Another owner Liu said. In June 2010 the total residential layout from the owners’ committee, the reporter found that the south building overhead layer is divided into three: the owners committee office where is a community room, with an area of 500.30 square meters; the kindergarten is located in the community room on the west side; property room is located in the east of the community room. Owners committee Chen said, although here is a community space, but the beginning of the planning is not a nursing home. East Street community affairs office director Yan Ting said that this place was not nursery land, but to the community public land, because the neighborhood community has not been established, considering it’s aging society, in accordance with the above spirit, as pension services, care for the elderly and a small number of Empty Nester. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Chen Bin Intern Zhang Qin) recommended Video: the owner of speculation against the construction of nursing homes in trouble相关的主题文章: