The Chengdu auto show, everyone in the circle of friends brush what car once a year – Sohu of the Chengdu auto show held in Chengdu Exhibition Center, Century City, also in the automotive media friends may hold the circle of friends show than some friends spent tens of dollars to enter the exhibition hall to see more exciting then we circle of friends brush what? My brother give you a simple summary of a FAW TOYOTA staged future popularity index: five in the new FAW TOYOTA Vios booth, the background of the writing on the wall "wish the 2106 Chengdu auto show, which sold 90 years after the Chengdu auto show wish, people come to the future. BMW I released 7 new models: the popularity index of four and a half "to predict the future, rather than creating the future", BMW moves in the I series above, attracted a lot of attention. The price of 799 million yuan Chevrolet Kewozi popularity index: new models – the Chevrolet listed on the Chengdu auto show, the price is less than 80 thousand yuan, the independent brand, is a very big pressure. But some people say that this is the lowest price car can not buy in the market. The most popular new energy vehicles popularity index: Samsung and the first one, which is also a copy of the error. The day of the local Chengdu metropolitan newspaper, the top awards announced this year, the Chengdu auto show newspaper will do homework. However, in this newspaper, the error is a coincidence, the award-winning BMW I3. Red Net live more popularity: "four red net anchor everywhere, people (home) is not a license to Mandarin, does not need the broadcasting license, make good at posts, just tens of thousands of monthly income. Now this word anchor was abused, as the anchor our embarrassment." Lin Lin, a famous Chongqing auto host, said in her circle of friends. Huang Bo to the east of grace MX5 popularity index: four needless to say, Huang Bo’s appeal or not. To be honest, my brother would like to see. Wang Zijian to visit the Czech Republic booth booth popularity index: Samsung semi talk show host, although there is no Huang Bo so cattle, but there are still many fans. I also love the hand piece. Zhu Dan to the Audi booth featuring the host popularity index: Samsung half brother of Zhu Dan without a sense of beauty, but you may love it. Foreign models, luxury cars and the popularity index of inquiry: a four-star show well, there must be a model car. It is important that there are people through the circle of friends inquiry luxury car. This step Karen, priced at 4 million 600 thousand, is expected to have a discount of 400 thousand. Green really dazzling ah. My street popularity index: ten stars, welcome to send this picture to my circle of friends. Thank you。 This is my street 823rd original share articles]相关的主题文章: