Chengdu long train over 40 DEG C oven inside 13 hours (Photos) – Beijing busy a lap down, K5 6 train long mark had sweating, rest time, he ate the unit sent watermelon jieshu. At noon, the temperature reached 40 degrees. August 24th at 2:30 in the afternoon, the sun exposure, Chengdu eight in the preparation field, drooping flowers and trees. Outdoor temperature 37.8. K5 6 train stops in the middle of the track, the train doors and windows closed, a light blue shuttling in the car, hand rubbed his forehead from time to time. At the ends of each compartment, the thermometer shows: 42.8. Marco in the car finishing materials, cleaning, because there is no electricity, no water, from 6 in the morning on the train to the evening of, he had to work here for more than 13 hours. During the more than and 10 hours in the oven, his forehead was full of sweat, and his clothes were wet and dry, dry and wet. And that’s just a small part of his job. 9 pm, the train going from Chengdu Railway Station to Xi’an, he put on a clean clothes, wearing armbands, smiling, his identity from "caboose", transformed into the train conductor. For the next 5 days, he went back to Chengdu and Xi’an for the first time in a row of two times. Again, such a boring day, 49 year old Marco has experienced 32 years. Because the stomach is not good, there is no appetite to eat in the stuffy car, so his wife sent to Marco lunch is very light. 19 cars every 2 hours he would have to go back and forth for a tour of the train often 1 passengers will be curious, after the train arrived, the car where to go? Next from the originating station and then take the train, dirty carriages become neat and clean, neatly folded bedding. Who did the work? And how to do it? In August 24th, WCC reporter visited Chengdu passenger train station technical operation (the technology station), from the "train caboose" mark body, unlock these doubts. 24 on the morning of about 6 points, Xi’an bound for the K6 train arrived in Chengdu Railway Station, after the end of the passengers, the train continues to move forward, parked in the parking garage located in the center of the Nine Mile of the station in Chengdu. Mark with a conductor, a cook, three people carrying a bag, set foot on the train, they will start work. Trivial and complicated work. With the car and train long after the handover, he and two colleagues began to work separately. He is responsible for is responsible for the hard sleeper, colleagues. Mark a hand holding a pillow, pillowcase, a cross, a head on the pillow pillowcase, placed in the middle of a clip and then straighten the legs, pillow on the bed and flat. In just more than and 10 seconds, the pillow was replaced with a new one. For bedding is only part of his work. In the car, there are a lot of Marco to do, whether the material is fully equipped, small to the window pendant is intact, he must go back and forth several times to ensure that all in place. At 11:30 in the morning, the sun was high up in the sky, the streets began to dodge the sun. In the closed compartment, it began to heat up. "Hurry up, while Lei相关的主题文章: